Top 5 Best DSLR Stabilizers 2017?How to stabilize a camera while walking?

Camera Stabilizer DSLR: How to stabilize a camera while walking, how to keep a camera steady while filming, the sevenoak camera stabilizer offers light, agile, seamless shooting for today’s videogapher. So lightweight, it weighs less than a can of soda. The perfect stabilizer for dslr run and gun video shooting.

SEVENOAK MicRig Universal Video Handle Grip with Built-in Broadcast-Quality Microphone for Smartphone GoPro DSLR Camera Camcorder 60hrs Run-Time Low-Cut Filter Switch Adjusted Sound Attenuation

One Built-in AA Battery delivers up to 60 hours of use, the World's First Universal Video and Audio Grip.

Nice Audio Output with High Quality Audio Pick-up.
sensitivity of -35dB+/-1dB/0dB @1V/Pa,1kHz;
 Frequency Response 35-20,000HZ+/-3dB.

Adjusted Sound Attenuation (0dB, +10dB); Low-Cut Filter Switch for cutting background frequencies, such as unwanted noise produced by wind, focusing and traffic.

sevenoak Video stabilizer with built in microphone MicRig Stereo

Combines both audio and video functions for less than half the weight compared with sets of film gears, effectively relieving fatigue.

With the versatility of a low-angle grip and top-mounted universal cold shoe, you are available to attach more film accessories like LED lights and field monitors. There are several staggered connecting notch for 1/4" screw to mounting your camera.

The World's First Universal Video and Audio Grip, designed to work with DSLRs, Camcorders, Gopros and Smartphones to create high quality video shooting.

Adjusted sound attenuation (0dB, +10dB)
Power: One 1.5V AA Battery
Frequency response: 35-20,000HZ+/-3dB
Sensitivity: -35dB+/-1dB/0dB=1V/Pa, 1 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 78dB or more
Microphone: Two 9.7mm condenser mics

Output impedance: 2000 ohm or less

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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