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Camera rig important? How to choose?

Cell phone camera, is a taste of life to bring fun, the biggest advantage is immediately recorded. I often take a few phone shots, record what, when needed, out to a friend to share, in order to look at the contents of the record.

  But the fun of photography is more than just documentation. More, there are color, quality, and sense of ambience and other visual, spiritual enjoyment.

  Every field is down to the bottom, such as playing musical instruments, outdoor games, fishing, and car games. Only those who know more about it can experience the fun.

  Each depth and professional step, see and experience will be different things, these are the horizons.

Camera rig important? How to choose?

  For the scenery photography enthusiasts, it is very important to choose a good camera rig.I suggest that in the budget is not tight, buy a relatively good quality. (I am not convenient here to recommend specific brands, or advertised abandoned.) But one-sided from the price to refer to, if you mi…

Professional Video Camera Cranes & Jib Arms

Today's world of video is filled with compact, small SLRs, mirrorless cameras, sport cameras and smartphones, all of which give users an unbelievably light experience. But if you install these small cameras on a traditional rocker, track or other motion-capture device, the advantages of a portable, lightweight camera are no longer there. Many foreign players have been studying compact portable camera for compact attachments, providing an impact shooting mode, while maintaining the original portability.

  Sevenoak jib arm is the latest achievements of foreign players, it is for weight less than two kilos of cameras and cameras, without any other equipment such as tripod, it can achieve vertical, diagonal and horizontal movement, the operation method is unprecedented, and To some extent, the effect can really replace the traditional small rocker.

  Instead of simply downsizing full-size professional video equipment, this fun gadget takes a clever use of the features of a small cam…

Find The Best Deals about Camera Slider

High cost of operation, rocker, camera slider the future where exactly
  camera slider is the most basic equipment for mobile photography, but there are still many limitations compared to aerial photography. First of all, the operation cost is too high. Generally, one lens needs to be prepared for 30 minutes to be laid on the rail, and the operation needs at least 3 persons. And track maintenance up is troublesome, short life expectancy, and very poor portability. If the road is uneven, the use of land or sand will also affect the stability of a certain extent.

  A JIB arm is expensive
  The rocker also has the problem of portability and high operating costs, and the selling price of more than 100,000 at a time is not a small expenditure for a small crew. In addition, if a shot has not been, you need to make up, rocker reset work enough people.

  24'' Sevenoak SK-DS60 Wide Heavy-duty Aluminum Slider Steadycam Dolly Track Video Stabilizer for Canon 5D MarkII 7D 60D 5…

DSLR Camera Track Dolly Slider Camera Slider Rail Systems

Use a camera slider;a camera slider provides a smooth track for you to move your camera from left to right or vice versa during a time lapse

  you can make your own camera slider or buy one(they aren't cheap),but for a really good time lapse ,you will need to add a mechanism fot it to steadily and slowly move across the slider,for short time lapse shots ,a string and some patience is one cheap and easy way to do this

More time lapse ideas

  Record an artist making a drawing or a painting,choose a relatively short interval depending on the predicted time of the project.

Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-TXS80

  THE Sevenoak SK-TXS80 is a portable and extendable carbon fiber Camera slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers.It features a belt-drive system driven by anincluded flywheel. The flywheel attaches to the end of the slider, providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked slides, even at slow speeds.It also serves as an inertial dampener …

Timelapse Video with this Motion Control Camera Slider

Capture Moving Timelapse Video with this Motion Control Camera Slider

  I’ve enjoyed capturing timelapse videos ever since I found myself in possession of a camera that could do them. I love the way they transform the mundane into the surreal, whether it’s the ability to see a transformation taking place that’s too slow to observe with the naked eye, or to witness the haphazard nature of our daily lives unfold at breakneck speed. I even carry a small tripod kit with me wherever I go so I can film them with my phone when I have a short wait.

  The best way to take your timelapse videos to the next level is to move the camera while it is capturing them, but this is tricky to do unless you have some sort of fancy motion controller. It was great, but I really wanted the ability to translate, or dolly the camera through space, as it was filming. Years later, and after many ill-conceived and half baked prototypes, I’ve finally built one.

Sevenoak Motorized Camera Slider SK-MTS100
  Overall …

How to install the camera slider

Occasionally found on the Internet such a manual: sevenoak camera slider SK-TXS80 is a portable and scalable carbon fiber camera slider designed for amateur and professional photographers / video makers. It has a belt driven system driven by the included flywheel. The flywheel is attached to the end of the slider and provides a smooth, precise handle for the camera slider, even at low speeds. It also serves as an inertial damper that helps your camera to smoothly stop the available tracking shots and push the boot to finish each time it is taken.

Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-TXS80
  THE Sevenoak SK-TXS80 is a portable and extendable carbon fiber Camera slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers.It features a belt-drive system driven by anincluded flywheel. The flywheel attaches to the end of the slider, providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked slides
  Overall Length: 82cm

  Max Load Capacity: 10kg

Main features:
Belt drive system

Top 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2017

Many readers use DSLR cameras when shooting video there will be some small concerns, that is, in the horizontal movement of the body when not easy to achieve absolute level of shooting. As shown in the picture, in fact, this product is an air filled air cushion, using the special structure designed above can achieve a straight shot slider, and the use of pulley camera frame can be achieved without jitter video shooting, very interesting .
  The parameters given by the manufacturer are still satisfactory: its weight reached 3.6kg and its orbital length reached 1.5 meters.
  Editorial view:
  This product design ideas from the professional camera slider attachment, and its design is clearly more practical and civilians, the operation is very simple. Users can easily carry the camera when used.

Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD75

  Size: 75*14*12 cm
  Product weight: 3.18 KG
  Max load capacity: 15 KG

SLR film guide - tripod analog camera slider
  You do not always need the best, most…

How to make a camera slider

A few days ago we introduced several cheap and practical video equipment, which mentioned the use of simple slider rail skills. In the film and television shooting, the scope of application of the slider is very extensive, with a lot of accessories can be combined to evolve a variety of tricks. Today we take a look at the slider + video tripod head advanced use of skills, from sliding, horizontal sliding and oblique slider to show how to use the right track, to enhance the work of a grade.

  The first is the sliding rail as a tool to push and pull the lens, with hydraulic head, you can push and pull the lens while rotating the body, so the result is more than a simple push and pull more advanced. This operation generally needs to be done in collaboration, the photographer is responsible for pushing the lens and turning the fuselage, with the coke division is responsible for keeping close to the subject.

  Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD120

  Size: 120*14*12 cm  Product weigh…

What is the best motorized camera slider

Today to recommend a set of essential artifact when using the slide-slider. More importantly, this camera slider is not just a simple shooting slide, but also remote operation via a smartphone. Not only can guarantee the shooting effect, but also easy to operate do not want to do, just So Easy.

  In order to facilitate the completion of a variety of shooting angles and to show different visual effects, the camera slider includes a variety of different functional modules. For example, a slide rail that can be moved up / down, left or right, a base for different angles of view to be tilted / tilted, a circular track shot by an arc, or the like can be used.

  Sevenoak camera slider also performed well on the connection between the modules. V-shaped connections are used between each different module. The biggest advantage of this connection is to eliminate the reaction after the collision, and to maximize the shooting equipment to ensure smooth orbit. In addition, the install…

How to choose a shooting equipment,camera slider or camera stabilizer

In a previous article on time-lapse photography, the author briefly introduced the principle of time-lapse photography, classification (the secret of time-lapse reading based ball understanding of time-lapse photography), and collected some of the works for your appreciation, probably due to the title In the comments to see a lot of friends think this is a teaching article, in view of the above reasons, I decided to continue a text, talk with you about how we specifically shot a delay video, the article from the early shooting to the late Examples of examples, inadequacies hopeless, feel useful, please praise.
  First of all, we have to choose a shooting equipment. For the moment, most of the camera-equipped devices such as SLRs, camcorders, sports DVs and mobile phones can meet the needs of our shooting time-lapse photography (some products have a built-in delay function, which is not available, like a mobile phone, App to solve). In short, the choice of shooting equipme…

Top 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2017

In many cases, a small invention is a big innovation, and a bland thing can become extraordinary once it is transformed. For many smart phone users, perhaps the fixation of the camera is a problem, especially as more and more users like to use the iPhone for taking photos or videos. However, without a fixed system, the quality of the captured images may be slightly less. Sevenoak camera slider are best for your video
  The sevenoak Camera slider includes a center rail (user selectable slide length) and a hinged mount that secures the camera. There are five different types of fixtures for securing different sizes of handsets and camcorders.

Camera slider and mobile control system, recently introduced a new generation of sevenoak camera slider and mobile control system. The company claims the new product was designed to make it easier and faster for users to set up equipment, while more advanced motor control systems provide precise sliding, positioning, tilting, tilting and m…

What is a Camera rig?The best camera rig for you 2017?

On the camera rig, will involve a large number of brands and specific models, I try to pick the more common brands and models to talk about, but also take into account some niche and special models, but also to give you a long experience. Text as much as possible in the article, try not to involve specific brands and specific models of the pros and cons, try to be more neutral to talk about some of the objective indicators and features, so you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

  What is a Camera rig? Most of what you can search online is the definition of a camera rig for the camera. Here is not a strict definition of the next. Simply put, the camera rig is a rig-up unit that connects the camera to a tripod (or monopod) that is balanced and angularly adjustable. In accordance with the use of large points, can be divided into the camera with a camera rig and camera rig, as well as the telescope with a camera rig, camera monitoring camera rig. Because of the sm…

Multifunctional Pocket Camera Rig Satisfy your needs

Tips to play high-end multi-function camera gear mobile phone rigs

  Technology has changed our way of life, and more camera rig have made us "lazy" but have also made us more professional. At the same time for some people who love to play DSLR, camera people some distress, they are generally with a huge volume, and too "industry specializing in surgery", go out to shoot and play, must be based on their respective functions with one. So there is no design of a product like a mobile phone bracket, but the ability to have a professional stand, so that we can easily go battle, sevenoak camera rig a multi-function camera gear carrier, perhaps it can take you to play simple, Play a professional!

  Multifunctional Pocket Camera Rig SK-VH10

  Sevenoak SK-VH10 is a multifunctional flexible and foldable pocket camera rig which aims to stabilize your shooting, and it is designed for use with GoPro, Smartphone and DSLRs. The solid Aluminum construction allows SK…

How to choose the camera rig and how to use the camera rig?

When we choose the camera rig, the most considered issue is the stability and portability of the camera rig. If there is a camera rig that combines stability and portability, it will be a limited consideration for consumers to choose from Conditions, but some people still do not understand the camera rig; today author will explain to you how to use the camera rig?

Camera tripod is divided into tripods, monopods, octopus rig and so on. The most common is the tripod, and now many of the tripods can be removed as a single tripod mount head.

Tripod mainly play a stabilizing role, so the tripod needs strong. However, since it often needs to be carried, it needs to be lightweight and easy to assemble. Generally used material of the tripod in three or four hundred or so, there are thousands of high-end. Its function is similar.

To fix the camera on a tripod, first attach a quick release plate to the camera and a screw hole in the camera. Screw the screw on the quick release plate and fix it.

Handheld stabilizer unboxing review and simple experience

Many of my friends may not know, what is the camera stabilizer. In fact, in simple terms, the camera stabilizer is a Selfie upgrade section, has always been the pursuit of digital players indispensable equipment. This stuff is not particularly heavy, but its function is very comprehensive. It can be used not only from pats, but also to minimize the impact of our "Parkinson's" illness on photography and the quality of food.
  The first step, of course, is to take the process - out of the box! Although it took more than a month, but fortunately, what are still packing, very complete!
  Sevenoak uses a black carton packaging, open the black box is a black plastic material suitcase, the material is very hard, but the overall is not very heavy, the overall look very texture, easy to carry!

  Open the suitcase, the inside of the bubble dug out the shape of the protection is the host, the other control lines, tripods, batteries, brochures, insurance cards and other…

The proper use of three-axis stabilizer should pay attention to these aspects

The proper use of three-axis stabilizer should pay attention to these aspects:
  1. The correct posture
  2. The right balance
  3. Select accessories for stabilizers
Correct posture
  Shooting When using a three-axis camera stabilizer, the screen beats up and down if you carelessly walk. If you are still a novice to use the camera stabilizer, this situation will happen often. Even if you are walking, you do not realize it. In fact, every step you take, will cause the body to move up and down. Many people like to lift the stabilizer in the waist buttocks position, because that is the most comfortable. If your stabilizer supports turning the camera over, mention the camera flush with the line of sight so you can raise the camera at least 4 feet without any movement. Of the many non-clip videos, many of them do have a stabilizing effect between their shoulders and shoulders, but it's sometimes useful, but if the entire movie is shot at this location, it's a little too…

If Sevenoak Camera stabilizer is worth buying?

Sevenoak Camera stabilizer is worth buying? As well as practical shooting methods
  DSLR camera stabilizer value is not worth buying?
  How can it achieve the shooting effect?
  Traveling to bring reliable it?
  What practical shooting techniques?
  It can not Selfie?
Related products how to choose?
  Compared with the professional camera stabilizer, his compact and lightweight is not a little bit at the same time, the price of the People First, but also allow home users to taste a fresh.
  Coupled with the efforts of various manufacturers of publicity, more and more consumers take the hands of the selfie stick, upgraded to this more advanced "toys."

  Micro single-stabilizer choice:
  Before preparing to go out for travel in late May, suddenly wanted to make travel short films, then put the focus on the handheld canera stabilizer.
  Now available in the market for cell phone-specific stabilizer and gopro-compatible stabilizer, as well as SLR micro single-use handhel…

How to Choose the Right Camera Stabilizer for You

How to Choose the Right Camera for You |Compare Prices on Camera Rig Handle- Professional DSLR Camera Rig - Best Price Camera Rigs‎

  Moving and mounting your camera is an essential part of filmmaking

  DSLR Camera Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount

  The camera Steady is a foldable rig that can take many different shapes for many different shot requirements. Whether you need to shoot off of your shoulder or low to the ground, the sevenoak camera stabilizer can transform from a standard shoulder rig to a low-mode rig with a top handle. The Spider Steady also features two (2) ¼”-20 female accessory thread-ins that allow you to mount lights and/or a monitor. The sevenoak camera stabilizer is adaptable for what the shot requires, and its ability to fold-up into a small size allows you to take it anywhere as it easily fits in any kit bag.


  1.Adjustable in Shape and Size

  2.Adaptable to Shooting Environment

  3.Light Weight

  4.Two (2) 1/4″-20 Female Accessory Thread-ins


Best DSLR Gimbal Stabilizers in 2017

Shaky video is a killer, and can ruin great footage.
  Thankfully, 3-axis DSLR gimbal stabilizers are making it easier than ever to create smooth shots in any scenario.
  When paired with the right camera, using a gimbal can replace jibs, sliders, and dollies and allow you to produce high quality video content.

  Anyone with a heavy DSLR model who wants to capture video without shakes or jitters can benefit from a good gimbal stabilizer.

  We have searched high and low and compiled the list of the very best gimbals guaranteed to take your filming to the next level.

SK-GH01 Gimbal Tripod Head
  Sevenoak Gimbal Tripod Head SK-GH01 is a specialized gimbal-type tripod head designed for telephoto lenses. It incorporates an elevated tilt mechanism and adjustable platform that makes the camera/lens’ center of gravity and tilt axis of the head be perfectly aligned. Its gimbal-type design allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very la…

What Is Gimbal Stabilizer?how well does it work ?

A gimbal stabilizer can eliminate shaky, jerky motion in your videos, making them appear more professional and less likely to induce bad reactions in your viewers. Stabilizers aren’t just for professional film makers
  If you don’t yet know why you should spend a few hundred dollars for another video accessory, here are some use-cases for having a stabilizer. Let’s start with some examples of special moments:
  What Is Gimbal Stabilizer
  But here I’m focusing on a more basic question: how well does it work compared to not using it?
  So I’ve shot a series of short clips under different conditions to compare how well the stabilization works compared to having it turned off.
  I’m focusing here on the in-camera stabilization feature.

  SK-HS1 Handheld Video Stabilizer Pro Big Size
  The Sevenoak stabilizer SK-HS1 is a hand-held camera stabilizer system designed for DSLR cameras weighing up to 4kg. This system works so well that it allows you to get that incredibly smooth, gra…

Top Handheld Video Stabilizer Equipment

Top Handheld Video Stabilizer Equipment To Help Shoot Smooth Scenes
  Unless you're shooting a "found footage" horror movie, you do not want shaky scenes in your video. These are going to show that your cameraperson did not have a steady grip on the equipment. It is a decidedly unprofessional touch. Keeping that thought in mind, you want to have handheld video stabilizer equipment on hand.

Camera Stabilization is essential to whatever you want to shoot. Whether you are shooting a family event, or even if you are putting together your own professional documentary, a video stabilizer is a good idea.

  Mini Action Camera Stabilizer SK-W08
  Sevenoak Mini Action Stabilizer SK-W08 is a compact, ultra-light Camera stabilizer that uses counterweights and gimbal to help you keep your camera steady when shooting video---eliminating distracting camera movement for smoother, more professional-looking movies.

  A super-smooth gimbal and adjustable counterweight help keep the …

Quality Camera Stabilizer gives you professional results for still shots

Quality Camera Stabilizer for Iphone, Android,made of aluminum ally for wedding,speech,outdoor interview ,family micro film ,studio
  I can't think of what "household" item would make for an effective gimbal, but as long as you can reproduce the gravity centering of this design, you can make it pretty much however you want out of whatever you want.
  The Sevenoak SK-W08 Handheld Stabilization allows shake-free handheld shots, easily and with minimal fatigue. Designed specifically for lightweight mirrorless cameras or compact camcorders up to 1.5 LBS. Mount camera and be ready to shoot in just minutes.

  The Sevenoak SK-W08 Handheld Video camera Stabilizer lets you achieve professional results for still shots, panning, moving in and out on subjects and more. Take the step up from hobbyist to professional without the expense. Perfect for outdoor action, long shoots, artistic applications and more.
  The ball joint gimbal design is optimized for smooth function a…

How to balance a DSLR camera Stabilizer

Balancing for the first time
  Slowly pick up the camera stabilizer by the handle. If at first your camera seems heavier than the weights, you can move them in and out.
  After the stabilizer seems a little more balanced, you can raise the telescoping pole to bring more weight to the bottom.
  Once the top and bottom weigh about the same, Loosen the locking knob and move the camera backward or forward depending on the tilt you are getting. (Don’t worry about sideways tilt for now).
  Sevenoak SK-W02 Handheld Grip Video Steadycam StabilizerSupport up to 2.2 lbs for DSLR Camera Canon EOS T6 Camcorders;
  The Sevenoak SK-W02 handheld steadycam is a video stabilizer system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 2.2 pounds.

  The SK-W02 features aluminum construction, comfortable handle grip, super-smooth gimbal, built-in spirit level, rubberized camera mount and additional 3pcs weight.
  With the weight, Camera stabilizer

How to Balance your camera stabilizer, flycam or Steadicam

Balance your sevenoak or other camera stabilization easily
  If you've recently picked up a new sevenoak or camera stabilization sled, then you're probably getting ready to use it right now! Just need to make sure it's properly balanced. In this video you will get a tutorial on how to balance a flycam or most types of camera stabilization !

  In this video, we show you how to balance the Aperture Compact DSLR Stabilizer (Sk-series). But most of these techniques can also apply to our bigger Standard Camera Stabilizer.

  Note: When deciding which stabilizer is right for you, make sure to consider the recommended weight limit on each stabilizer. A heavier camera on the Compact stabilizer will result in never being able to balance properly. Likewise, a smaller camera on a heavier stabilizer will result in much headache figuring out how to balance it.

camera viewfinder
video camera stabilizer
dslr camera slider

Time lapse with Sevenoak Motorized camera Slider

cheap camera slidervideo camera sliderdiy camera sliderbest cheap camera sliderbest budget camera sliderbest camera slider 2018

Sevenoak Camera Matte Box SK MB4

Professional Video Matte Boxes

Using a Matte Box to Enhance Your Video Production

What is a Matte Box

How to build affordable a camera rig

Traditionally, camera-mounted (camera rig) accessories were limited to being mounted on support rods, or perhaps on a mounting point on a top handle, which few, if any, DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras have as stock items. Plus, mounting anything on your camera’s body is going to introduce stress, and with the need to maintain tolerances of thousandths of an inch between your camera and its lens, stressing its body is a major no-no.

  Many companies have introduced cages of various sorts to protect your camera body and offer attachment points for accessories that allow you to mount accessories without stressing your camera body. My current camera of choice is the Panasonic GH5, and I’m still looking around for just the right cage to suit my needs. You can see all the choices for the GH5 here.

  Sevenoak SK-QBP01(Camera rig) is a universal 15mm railrod support baseplate designedfor use with Micro Four Thirds cameras, DSLRs, cinema cameras and small camcorders. It features stand…

What camera rig is right for me?

The DSLR Camera Rig is a fully adjustable for comfortable shooting in many situations.

  It works with all DSLR Cameras, all small camcorders and all video cameras (except full size shoulder mount video cameras).

  The video camera or DSLR camera RIG can be moved forwards and backwards on the 15 mm rail and locked into position.

  The video camera or DSLR camera can be adjusted to the left or right allowing you to place the viewfinder or LCD directly in front of you.

  The camera mounting plate has a slot so you can move the camera forwards and backwards.
  Shoulder Support Camera rig mini SK-VC01
  Sevenoak SK-VC01 is a highly compact and light-weight aluminum shoulder support rig specifically used for small DV, 4/3 cameras and small DSLRs. The should camera support rig SK-VC01 should camera support rigincreases the stability while recording and its light-weight design frees you from fatigue even after long shooting periods. The soft foam pad fits comfortably on your shoulder,…

How to create a Video Camera Shoulder Rig

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are small, light, and can get into spaces traditional cinema and ENG cameras just can't. However, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are not meant to work on a film set all day long—it just isn't in their ergonomics. This is especially true if you are planning on handholding a camera all day, or working with accessories such as follow focus units, zoom motors, or external monitors.

Build Your Own or Pre-Made

You can build your own support rig, if you like. Head out to your machine shop and have at it. But, most likely, you lack the milling machine, lathe, and precision tools needed to make a nice clean job of it. Don’t worry—you can still assemble your own rig from a dizzying array of components from a variety of  sevenoak available camera rig. For a shoulder rig, in general, you are going to want to assemble a cage, support rods (most likely 15mm LWS), a handgrip of some kind (possibly two—one left, one right), battery attachment method, and a monit…

Sevenoak SK EBH04 (gimbal head )Time Lapse Ball Head


profess Sevenoak camera Stabilizer SKW02

dslr stabilizer

dslr camera stabilizer

best camera stabilizer

handheld camera stabilizer

Best Motorized Slider For Your Smartphone

Have you ever seen those amazing timelapse videos which move from one side to the other, showing the sun rising and sun setting? Isn’t that something that you wish you could do yourself? The thing is you probably can, and if you’re willing to invest a bit of money, there is a crowdfunding project for a motorized slider .

  Sevenoak  SK-MTS100 to be a motorized slider that can be used for small cameras, such as GoPros, compact cameras, and even your smartphone. While sliders aren’t exactly new, Trek claims to be different due to its modularity, and also the fact that it is completely tool-less, which means assembling it, adding on components, and disassembling it can be done easily and quickly.

 sevenoak camera slider also means that users can choose to create a slider moves in a straight line, or purchase curved tracks to create a slider that can move in different directions, or even in a circle if that’s what you want. These tracks can be disassembled individually, so pa…

You Need a Portable Motorized Camera Slider?

The English user manual for camera slider accessories Cinetics can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer‘s website, but since that’s not always the case you can look through our database of sevenoak brand user manuals under Professional Video - Tripods, Supports & Rigs - Camera Slider Accessories - User manuals.
  You will find the current user manual for sevenoak camera slider accessories in the details of individual products.

  We also recommend looking through our website which serves to answer questions and solve problems with sevenoak products. Under Professional Video - Tripods, Supports & Rigs - Camera Slider Accessories you can submit a question and get answers from professional members

  A good stabilization system should address all of these issues: the video should look sharp, the motion should be smooth, and the rolling shutter and focus breathing should be corrected.

  Many professionals mount the camera on a mechanical stabilizer to entirely isolate hand …

High quality Camera stabilizer enable you to get stable video

Anyone with a blog that has video content is likely to ponder on which video camera  to use at some point of time or the other. The ideal choice for best Vlogging equipment is generally centered somewhere around price range and features. Before you pick your camera unit from market, it is good to go through the list of essentials that you need to review during selection.

Image Quality: It is recommended to choose camera that has Full HD recording capabilities or can go at least up to 1080p, to make your vlog look professional. But if your vlog channel focuses on beauty & stylish, food, photography or science experiment, etc. that’s especially demanding on video quality, you’d better look for 4K or “Ultra HD” cameras.

Low Light Performance: Most vloggers record videos indoor where the light is not perfect without professional lighting equipment. And it’s not always sunny when you shoot videos outdoor.

Optical Image Stabilization: As many of your activities are movements inspired so …

Sevenoak how to use a Gimbal Tripod Head SK GH01

tripod gimbal headGimbal HeadTripod Headmore information about sevenoak you can visithttp://www.sevenoak.biz/Tripodgimbalheads.html

Professional BY-WM6 UHF Wireless Microphone System

more about wireless microphone you can visit http://www.boya-mic.com

Sevenoak SK-HS1 Handheld Video Stabilizer Pro Big Size

The Sevenoak stabilizer SK-HS1 is a hand-held camera stabilizer system
designed for DSLR cameras weighing up to 4kg. This system works so well that it
allows you to get that incredibly smooth, graceful and steady shot even while
going to extremes like running up and down stairs.

  The camera platform moves back and forth, and side to side, to quickly
allow you to adjust the cameras horizontal balance. By varying the amount of
counterweight disks on the base platform, you adjust the camera's vertical
balance. When balanced properly the camera floats, always balanced, isolated
from your hands undesirable motions and ready for you to move into action.

more about camera stabilizer :http://www.sevenoak.biz/Stabilizer.html

Sevenoak SK W01 Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer System for DSLR Canon E...

gopro camera stabilizerdji camera stabilizerphone camera stabilizersteadicamcamera stabilizer diycamera gyro stabilizermore infortionmation about camera stabilizer

How a Sevenoak Steadicam Stabilizer Works ?

If you shoot video, you probably know that you need a stabilizer to get professional-looking footage that is smooth and stable. A stabilizer allows you to get that gliding camera effect, and ensures you don't get shaky amateur-looking footage that gives viewers a headache.

  Unfortunately, most stabilizers require a lot of experience to operate properly.

  Direction changes and panning are some of the biggest challenges when shooting with a stabilizer. The goal of a stabilizer is to keep the camera steady by absorbing your movements.

  So when it comes to turns, this effect actually keeps the camera from turning with you. When you want the camera to turn, you have to use your fingers to change the stabilizer's direction; thereby destabilizing the camera. It takes lots of practice to get stable direction changes using this method and even then, sometimes you ruin an otherwise great shot. Until now.

Video stabilizer with built in microphone MicRig Stereo

  The Seveno…