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  A good stabilization system should address all of these issues: the video should look sharp, the motion should be smooth, and the rolling shutter and focus breathing should be corrected.

  Many professionals mount the camera on a mechanical stabilizer to entirely isolate hand motion. These devices actively sense and compensate for the camera’s movement to remove all unwanted motions. However, they are usually expensive and cumbersome; you wouldn’t want to carry one every day.

  There are also handheld gimbal mounts available for mobile phones. However, they are usually larger than the phone itself, and you have to put the phone on it before start recording. You’d need to do it fast before the interesting moment vanishes.

  SEVENOAK SK-MTS100 Electronically-Controlled Track Camera Slider Creating Dynamic Video & Time-Lapse Photography for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax SLR DSLR Camera Digital Cinema Camera Max Load 10kg Length 800mm
  Sevenoak Camera slider SK-MTS100 comes with a remote controller which is connected with the motorized slider via Bluetooth. And it also comes with a dedicated Application which can be download from Apple Store and can be used to control the movements and time lapse photos.
  camera slider SK-MTS100 supports time lapse shooting, motion control and stop motion shots, and all three functions are programmable on the controller or the Application, users can set the motor speed, total number of shoot, interval time etc.
  Compatible with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras.
  App for IOS system. Programmable functions. Durable, precise and smooth.
  Capable for horizontal and vertical operation.
  camera sliderSK-MTS100 is a motorized slider designed for creating dynamic video and time lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. It works with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras with the included shutter release cables.

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