How to choose a shooting equipment,camera slider or camera stabilizer

  In a previous article on time-lapse photography, the author briefly introduced the principle of time-lapse photography, classification (the secret of time-lapse reading based ball understanding of time-lapse photography), and collected some of the works for your appreciation, probably due to the title In the comments to see a lot of friends think this is a teaching article, in view of the above reasons, I decided to continue a text, talk with you about how we specifically shot a delay video, the article from the early shooting to the late Examples of examples, inadequacies hopeless, feel useful, please praise.
  First of all, we have to choose a shooting equipment. For the moment, most of the camera-equipped devices such as SLRs, camcorders, sports DVs and mobile phones can meet the needs of our shooting time-lapse photography (some products have a built-in delay function, which is not available, like a mobile phone, App to solve). In short, the choice of shooting equipment is very broad, as long as the device itself or by external conditions can be achieved; interval shooting; this hard condition can be. Preparation of shooting equipment (Camera slider, camera tripod, camera stabilizer)

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  Then, is the relevant shooting attachment. If you plan to shoot a fixed delay lens, then you need to prepare a stable tripod, if it is shooting a small range of movement delay, then you may want to prepare a guide rail with timed movement; if you are shooting a wide range Of the movement delay, then you may also need to be prepared according to the situation a few carts ah, ah what the best ruler.

  After we have these hardware devices ready, we can officially enter the shooting session. From the means of realization, there are currently two main ways, one is the device itself can automatically generate delayed video machine, the other is the need to shoot interval photos, and then through the post-synthesis software.
  The first way is simpler to create, and the second is more liberal late. Nikon D7200 in the following cases, Nikon D7200 fully functional in time-lapse shooting, in addition to the machine itself can automatically generate full HD delay video, you can also use the interval photo shooting capabilities, making higher resolution video. In order to make you fully understand, the following two ways are involved, you can choose according to their own actual situation.

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