What is the best motorized camera slider

  Today to recommend a set of essential artifact when using the slide-slider. More importantly, this camera slider is not just a simple shooting slide, but also remote operation via a smartphone. Not only can guarantee the shooting effect, but also easy to operate do not want to do, just So Easy.

  In order to facilitate the completion of a variety of shooting angles and to show different visual effects, the camera slider includes a variety of different functional modules. For example, a slide rail that can be moved up / down, left or right, a base for different angles of view to be tilted / tilted, a circular track shot by an arc, or the like can be used.

  Sevenoak camera slider also performed well on the connection between the modules. V-shaped connections are used between each different module. The biggest advantage of this connection is to eliminate the reaction after the collision, and to maximize the shooting equipment to ensure smooth orbit. In addition, the installation between the modules is super easy, using the fastest motor-to-motor design available on the market today.

Sevenoak camera slider

  Mentioned earlier, this set of sevenoak Camera slider through the smart phone to remote control to complete the shooting. The compatibility of the slider App is very high, compatible with Android and iOS systems, will not cause any obstacles in the use. The use of supporting App is also very simple, users simply press the button, you can complete a variety of shooting action. Of course, the user can also customize shooting according to the actual needs of the shooting, such as how to slide the track, camera angle and so on.
  Sevenoak Motorized Camera Slider SK-MTS100
  THE Sevenoak SK-MTS100 is a motorized Camera slider designed for creating dynamic video and time lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. It works with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras with the included shutter release cables.
  Overall Size: 126*26*19cm
  Working distance: 80cm
  Horizontal max load capacity: 10kg
  Vertical max load capacity: 4kg
  Power supply: 12V
  Working temperature: -200-600C

  Power supply: 12V/5A AC adapter or power pack which

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