How to choose the camera rig and how to use the camera rig?

When we choose the camera rig, the most considered issue is the stability and portability of the camera rig. If there is a camera rig that combines stability and portability, it will be a limited consideration for consumers to choose from Conditions, but some people still do not understand the camera rig; today author will explain to you how to use the camera rig?

Camera tripod is divided into tripods, monopods, octopus rig and so on. The most common is the tripod, and now many of the tripods can be removed as a single tripod mount head.

Tripod mainly play a stabilizing role, so the tripod needs strong. However, since it often needs to be carried, it needs to be lightweight and easy to assemble. Generally used material of the tripod in three or four hundred or so, there are thousands of high-end. Its function is similar.

To fix the camera on a tripod, first attach a quick release plate to the camera and a screw hole in the camera. Screw the screw on the quick release plate and fix it.

In the case of often using a tripod outside shot, the quick release plate can be installed on the camera put more convenient.

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