Timelapse Video with this Motion Control Camera Slider

  Capture Moving Timelapse Video with this Motion Control Camera Slider

  I’ve enjoyed capturing timelapse videos ever since I found myself in possession of a camera that could do them. I love the way they transform the mundane into the surreal, whether it’s the ability to see a transformation taking place that’s too slow to observe with the naked eye, or to witness the haphazard nature of our daily lives unfold at breakneck speed. I even carry a small tripod kit with me wherever I go so I can film them with my phone when I have a short wait.

  The best way to take your timelapse videos to the next level is to move the camera while it is capturing them, but this is tricky to do unless you have some sort of fancy motion controller. It was great, but I really wanted the ability to translate, or dolly the camera through space, as it was filming. Years later, and after many ill-conceived and half baked prototypes, I’ve finally built one.

Sevenoak camera slider

     Sevenoak Motorized Camera Slider SK-MTS100

  Overall Size: 126*26*19cm
  Working distance: 80cm
  Horizontal max load capacity: 10kg
  Vertical max load capacity: 4kg
  Power supply: 12V
  Working temperature: -200-600C
  Power supply: 12V/5A AC adapter or power pack which
  Supply 12V/5A output
  Working temperature: -200-600C

  This motion control Camera slider will allow you to capture timelapses of anywhere between 5 minutes and 8 hours, and has a span of roughly 500mm. The control unit, motor, and slider mechanism are completely self contained and don’t need any other devices to program the motion.

  The “Drive Plate” part should be printed using a .4 mm nozzle to help preserve the finer details.

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