What camera rig is right for me?

  The DSLR Camera Rig is a fully adjustable for comfortable shooting in many situations.

  It works with all DSLR Cameras, all small camcorders and all video cameras (except full size shoulder mount video cameras).

  The video camera or DSLR camera RIG can be moved forwards and backwards on the 15 mm rail and locked into position.

  The video camera or DSLR camera can be adjusted to the left or right allowing you to place the viewfinder or LCD directly in front of you.

  The camera mounting plate has a slot so you can move the camera forwards and backwards.
  Shoulder Support Camera rig mini SK-VC01
  Sevenoak SK-VC01 is a highly compact and light-weight aluminum shoulder support rig specifically used for small DV, 4/3 cameras and small DSLRs. The should camera support rig SK-VC01 should camera support rigincreases the stability while recording and its light-weight design frees you from fatigue even after long shooting periods. The soft foam pad fits comfortably on your shoulder, and the handle bar can be used as a stand-alone support for your camera.

Sevenoak camera rig

  We have modified the shoulder rest for a more comfortable fit.

  Shoulder Support Camera rig mini SK-VC01 have Adjustable Handles

  It allows you to adjust the handle positions for comfortable holding of the DSLR Rig.

  In addition you can also remove the handles, allowing you to hold the camera without handles like a full size camera, with the shoulder brace resting against your body.

  The DSLR Rig can Mount on a Tripod

  Below is a picture of the bottom of the DSLR Rig and as you can see there is a 1/4-20 threaded hole for mounting you tripod or quick release plate to it.

  All rails are industry standard 15mm rails allowing you to mount a variety of accessories to the DSLR Rig.

  It allows you to a more steady shot over basic handholding of the camera.

  Fully Adjustable

  It is fully adjustable with out any tools. To make adjustments simply loosen the L shaped thumbscrew, make your adjustment and tighten the L shape thumbscrew. That's it. No tools needed. See the photo below to see some of the adjustment that you can make.



The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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