Best DSLR Gimbal Stabilizers in 2017

  Shaky video is a killer, and can ruin great footage.
  Thankfully, 3-axis DSLR gimbal stabilizers are making it easier than ever to create smooth shots in any scenario.
  When paired with the right camera, using a gimbal can replace jibs, sliders, and dollies and allow you to produce high quality video content.

  Anyone with a heavy DSLR model who wants to capture video without shakes or jitters can benefit from a good gimbal stabilizer.

  We have searched high and low and compiled the list of the very best gimbals guaranteed to take your filming to the next level.

  SK-GH01 Gimbal Tripod Head
  Sevenoak Gimbal Tripod Head SK-GH01 is a specialized gimbal-type tripod head designed for telephoto lenses. It incorporates an elevated tilt mechanism and adjustable platform that makes the camera/lens’ center of gravity and tilt axis of the head be perfectly aligned. Its gimbal-type design allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses.
sevenoak Gimbal Tripod Head

  Weights 1.4KG
  Can be mounted to tripods via the built-in 3/8” screw hole at the bottom
  Max dimensions (HxWxD): 23.5x8.9x24.7cm
  Without quick release clamp
  Built with dial indicator on its arm
  Swings smoothly and safely
  Height adjustable platform

  Fits virtually any telephoto lens with a rotation collar



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