Handheld stabilizer unboxing review and simple experience

  Many of my friends may not know, what is the camera stabilizer. In fact, in simple terms, the camera stabilizer is a Selfie upgrade section, has always been the pursuit of digital players indispensable equipment. This stuff is not particularly heavy, but its function is very comprehensive. It can be used not only from pats, but also to minimize the impact of our "Parkinson's" illness on photography and the quality of food.
  The first step, of course, is to take the process - out of the box! Although it took more than a month, but fortunately, what are still packing, very complete!
  Sevenoak uses a black carton packaging, open the black box is a black plastic material suitcase, the material is very hard, but the overall is not very heavy, the overall look very texture, easy to carry!

  Open the suitcase, the inside of the bubble dug out the shape of the protection is the host, the other control lines, tripods, batteries, brochures, insurance cards and other accessories ... ... first to a family portrait!

  Sevenoak handheld Camera stabilizer operation is actually relatively simple, but do not therefore do not look at the instructions Oh, because many of the most basic speculation can find the answers in the manual. First of all, let's look at the appearance of this Camera stabilizer.

Sevenoak camera stabilizer
Sevenoak overall atmosphere three-stage structure, that fixture, tripod head and handle, the overall look very textured and very light weight. Officials said that the market can be equipped with all the micro-single-camera and SLR, and the maximum load capacity of up to 2.5 kg (this author has not tried the maximum load, but the author of the heaviest Nikon SLR no pressure), pending sophisticated users!

  The camera device is completed, let's look at its control area. Sevenoak control area is very convenient, just two press, and the function also has the heading to follow, pitch follow, full lock, follow all four modes of operation is very comprehensive, all operations can be done in the thumb. In general, eliminating the cumbersome button, so that the operation becomes simple, fast, the first time can easily get started, praise!

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