Camera rig important? How to choose?

  Cell phone camera, is a taste of life to bring fun, the biggest advantage is immediately recorded. I often take a few phone shots, record what, when needed, out to a friend to share, in order to look at the contents of the record.

  But the fun of photography is more than just documentation. More, there are color, quality, and sense of ambience and other visual, spiritual enjoyment.

  Every field is down to the bottom, such as playing musical instruments, outdoor games, fishing, and car games. Only those who know more about it can experience the fun.

  Each depth and professional step, see and experience will be different things, these are the horizons.

  Camera rig important? How to choose?

  For the scenery photography enthusiasts, it is very important to choose a good camera rig.I suggest that in the budget is not tight, buy a relatively good quality. (I am not convenient here to recommend specific brands, or advertised abandoned.) But one-sided from the price to refer to, if you micro-single, at least configure a price of more than a thousand shelves, if you use SLR, then the budget to flip Times

  Better economic conditions friends, you can buy a better choice, a good camera rig, spent ten years is possible, the investment is worth it.

Sevenoak camera stabilizer
Many beginners are willing to spend money on the camera, buy the camera, but not willing to invest in the accessories, in fact, this concept needs to be refreshed like a camera rig this quality has a direct impact on the accessories, or to buy a relatively more secure, Otherwise, no matter how good your camera lens, a shelves to take pictures of the scenery, it is easy to empty out, no matter how good the investment in equipment before, but also playing in here.

  Camera rig better quality, a shelf can be used for many years, but not devalued, my personal point of view, it is worth buying. Otherwise, buy a general quality, with 1-2 years, but also change, do not say frustration, but also a waste.

  If you often go to outdoor photography, a good camera rig can help you open the way in the deep areas of flowers, dogs in the village, taking into account the self-defense, these are the experience ah:

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