How to make a camera slider

  A few days ago we introduced several cheap and practical video equipment, which mentioned the use of simple slider rail skills. In the film and television shooting, the scope of application of the slider is very extensive, with a lot of accessories can be combined to evolve a variety of tricks. Today we take a look at the slider + video tripod head advanced use of skills, from sliding, horizontal sliding and oblique slider to show how to use the right track, to enhance the work of a grade.

  The first is the sliding rail as a tool to push and pull the lens, with hydraulic head, you can push and pull the lens while rotating the body, so the result is more than a simple push and pull more advanced. This operation generally needs to be done in collaboration, the photographer is responsible for pushing the lens and turning the fuselage, with the coke division is responsible for keeping close to the subject.

Sevenoak camera slider

  Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD120

  •   Size: 120*14*12 cm
  •   Product weight: 4.3 KG
  •   Max load capacity: 10KG

  You can also camera slider the central rack mounted on the tripod's tripod head, because the load is relatively large, tripod and tripod head need to use higher quality products, otherwise it will lead to intense jitter during exercise, ranging from the final effect of the impact of weight It will cause equipment damage. After setting up the slider rails, still the camera is fixed in the above tripod head, adjust the tripod head camera so that the camera perspective and ground parallel, and then select the appropriate foreground. The choice of the future can serve as a shelter, highlighting the role of space sense, so the plane's movement must have a prospect with, before the works can be more grade.



The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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