Best Motorized Slider For Your Smartphone

  Have you ever seen those amazing timelapse videos which move from one side to the other, showing the sun rising and sun setting? Isn’t that something that you wish you could do yourself? The thing is you probably can, and if you’re willing to invest a bit of money, there is a crowdfunding project for a motorized slider .

  Sevenoak  SK-MTS100 to be a motorized slider that can be used for small cameras, such as GoPros, compact cameras, and even your smartphone. While sliders aren’t exactly new, Trek claims to be different due to its modularity, and also the fact that it is completely tool-less, which means assembling it, adding on components, and disassembling it can be done easily and quickly.

  sevenoak camera slider also means that users can choose to create a slider moves in a straight line, or purchase curved tracks to create a slider that can move in different directions, or even in a circle if that’s what you want. These tracks can be disassembled individually, so packing them into a bag and taking it with you on the go should not be an issue.

  THE Sevenoak SK-MTS100 is a motorized Camera slider designed for creating dynamic video and time lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. It works with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras with the included shutter release cables.
  Sevenoak SK-MTS100 Camera slider comes with a remote controller which is connected with the motorized slider via Bluetooth. And it also comes with a dedicated Application which can be download from Apple Store and can be used to control the movements and time lapse photos.

  Sevenoak SK-MTS100 supports time lapse shooting, motion control and stop motion shots, and all three functions are programmable on the controller or the Application, users can set the motor speed, total number of shoot, interval time etc.

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