What is a Camera rig?The best camera rig for you 2017?

  On the camera rig, will involve a large number of brands and specific models, I try to pick the more common brands and models to talk about, but also take into account some niche and special models, but also to give you a long experience. Text as much as possible in the article, try not to involve specific brands and specific models of the pros and cons, try to be more neutral to talk about some of the objective indicators and features, so you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

  What is a Camera rig? Most of what you can search online is the definition of a camera rig for the camera. Here is not a strict definition of the next. Simply put, the camera rig is a rig-up unit that connects the camera to a tripod (or monopod) that is balanced and angularly adjustable. In accordance with the use of large points, can be divided into the camera with a camera rig and camera rig, as well as the telescope with a camera rig, camera monitoring camera rig. Because of the small personal limitations and limitations of this article, only the camera holder for the camera is discussed here (the camera holder mentioned below refers to the camera holder for the camera).

  Camera rig classification, generally in accordance with the different adjustment methods and locking methods to distinguish the more common is divided into spherical camera rig and three-dimensional camera rig, in addition to two-dimensional camera rig, gear drive camera rig, arm camera Stents and other special types, there are still some cross between the various types, it is difficult to give clear all the classification.

  SK-HS1 Handheld Video Stabilizer Pro

  This is the Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer The SK-HS1 is a handheld camera stabilizer system that also serves as a camera mount designed for SLR cameras weighing up to 4kg. This system works very well and it allows you to get incredible smooth, elegant and steady snapshot framing, even at the extreme as stairs go up and down. Still can maintain a good balance!

  Camera platform back and forth, allows you to easily adjust the camera's horizontal balance. You can adjust the vertical balance of the camera by changing the number of weight plates on the base platform. When properly balanced, the camera floats, always balanced, isolates your hands from undesirable movements and is ready for your action.

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