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  High cost of operation, rocker, camera slider the future where exactly
  camera slider is the most basic equipment for mobile photography, but there are still many limitations compared to aerial photography. First of all, the operation cost is too high. Generally, one lens needs to be prepared for 30 minutes to be laid on the rail, and the operation needs at least 3 persons. And track maintenance up is troublesome, short life expectancy, and very poor portability. If the road is uneven, the use of land or sand will also affect the stability of a certain extent.

  A JIB arm is expensive
  The rocker also has the problem of portability and high operating costs, and the selling price of more than 100,000 at a time is not a small expenditure for a small crew. In addition, if a shot has not been, you need to make up, rocker reset work enough people.

  24'' Sevenoak SK-DS60 Wide Heavy-duty Aluminum Slider Steadycam Dolly Track Video Stabilizer for Canon 5D MarkII 7D 60D 500D-550D Nikon D3100 D7000 A55 Sony A7S A&R A7S2 Panasonic Camcorders

Sevenoak Camera slider

  Dolly Camera  Slider SK-DS60
  Size: 61*13*12 cm
  Procuce weight: 1.57 KG

  Length: 60 cmThe Camera Dolly Slider SK-DS60 can be used as slider or dolly and moves from straight slides to curved movement. It offers you the ability to create good-quality production shots without over-extending your budget. Featuring heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction, standalone feet, adjustable axles, super-smooth glide rail, spirit level & tension adjustment

  Now a very fire movie is not "speed and passion 7" must go, if the driving vehicle with the filming, the conventional approach is to use with the filming, the cost and difficulty of operation does not mention, it is absolutely quite high. Then aerial photography can play the biggest advantage, simple operation, easy to carry, as long as sufficient power will be able to air shot again and again, the risk factor is much lower. Now that no aerial camera is flawed, it is not a problem at the current rate of development.

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