How to balance a DSLR camera Stabilizer

  Balancing for the first time
  Slowly pick up the camera stabilizer by the handle. If at first your camera seems heavier than the weights, you can move them in and out.
  After the stabilizer seems a little more balanced, you can raise the telescoping pole to bring more weight to the bottom.
  Once the top and bottom weigh about the same, Loosen the locking knob and move the camera backward or forward depending on the tilt you are getting. (Don’t worry about sideways tilt for now).
  Sevenoak SK-W02 Handheld Grip Video Steadycam Stabilizer Support up to 2.2 lbs for DSLR Camera Canon EOS T6 Camcorders;
  The Sevenoak SK-W02 handheld steadycam is a video stabilizer system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 2.2 pounds.

  The SK-W02 features aluminum construction, comfortable handle grip, super-smooth gimbal, built-in spirit level, rubberized camera mount and additional 3pcs weight.
  With the weight, Camera stabilizer can be easily balanced and keep stable while moving around. It can be used with light weight DSLR camera, small camcorders, action cameras like Gopro, and can also be used with smart phones when extra supporting devices is added. And it can be used for smart phones when connecting with smart phone adapter.
  If the camera tilts back, you need to move it forward until the pole seems straight. Sometimes all it needs is to be moved just a little bit to make it balanced.
  Do the same for the sideways tilt by loosening the front knob and moving the plate sideways until there is no sideways tilt.
  Testing the balance

  You may test if it is balanced properly by holding the camera stabilizer horizontally and letting the bottom drop. The drop should be of about 2 to 3 seconds. If it drops too fast, then the bottom is too heavy and you should remove more weight, or make the pole a little shorter. If it takes too long to drop, or doesn’t finish dropping all the way, then the top is too heavy.
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