Professional Video Camera Cranes & Jib Arms

  Today's world of video is filled with compact, small SLRs, mirrorless cameras, sport cameras and smartphones, all of which give users an unbelievably light experience. But if you install these small cameras on a traditional rocker, track or other motion-capture device, the advantages of a portable, lightweight camera are no longer there. Many foreign players have been studying compact portable camera for compact attachments, providing an impact shooting mode, while maintaining the original portability.

  Sevenoak jib arm is the latest achievements of foreign players, it is for weight less than two kilos of cameras and cameras, without any other equipment such as tripod, it can achieve vertical, diagonal and horizontal movement, the operation method is unprecedented, and To some extent, the effect can really replace the traditional small rocker.

  Instead of simply downsizing full-size professional video equipment, this fun gadget takes a clever use of the features of a small camera and a traditional rocker, turning the operator's body into a counterweight and a tripod.
sevenoak camera jib arm

  Carbon fiber Jib Arm SK-JA20
  Size: 239*6*29 cm
  Product net weight: 2.35 KG
  Max load capacity: 5 KG

  Similar single-handed handheld "small rocker" before there are manufacturers introduced, but sevenoak jib arm and predecessors are different, it is designed with a front grip, through the balance of two front-end camera to maintain the point of view. Sevenoak jib arm can move smoothly up and down, like a traditional small rocker. When the need for diagonal movement, you need to tilt the camera fixed, of course, want to achieve a similar slide horizontal movement, only need to be 90 degrees vertical camera can be fixed. It is interesting to note that the camera can be rotated around in horizontal motion, just like the tracking effect of a track shot.

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