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  Many readers use DSLR cameras when shooting video there will be some small concerns, that is, in the horizontal movement of the body when not easy to achieve absolute level of shooting. As shown in the picture, in fact, this product is an air filled air cushion, using the special structure designed above can achieve a straight shot slider, and the use of pulley camera frame can be achieved without jitter video shooting, very interesting .
  The parameters given by the manufacturer are still satisfactory: its weight reached 3.6kg and its orbital length reached 1.5 meters.
  Editorial view:
  This product design ideas from the professional camera slider attachment, and its design is clearly more practical and civilians, the operation is very simple. Users can easily carry the camera when used.

Sevenoak camera slider

  Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD75

  Size: 75*14*12 cm
  Product weight: 3.18 KG
  Max load capacity: 15 KG

SLR film guide - tripod analog camera slider
  You do not always need the best, most expensive equipment, sometimes limited equipment is a good thing, you can always be imaginative, so you become more creative. This video shows how to simulate the slider effect with a tripod. This kind of shooting skills and we have released before "to enhance the movement of the fixed lens" has the same purpose.
  You simply put your camera on a tripod, push and pull the camera together with the tripod, move the camera slowly, and you can pan the lens to adjust the shooting angle so that the lens movement seems to be done through the slider, so the lens movement looks very much smooth.
  Use the tripod to take a snapshot of the analog camera slider
  Use a tripod to take a clip of the analog camera slider

  How to use the equipment on hand to shoot better clips should be the eternal topic of filmmakers. We often see a large block of advanced camera movement, envy at the same time feeling no camera slider, rocker and other professional equipment. At this time, we may wish to carefully look at the equipment at hand to see if we can find more creative use, to create some unexpected results.
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