How to create a Video Camera Shoulder Rig

    DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are small, light, and can get into spaces traditional cinema and ENG cameras just can't. However, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are not meant to work on a film set all day long—it just isn't in their ergonomics. This is especially true if you are planning on handholding a camera all day, or working with accessories such as follow focus units, zoom motors, or external monitors.

Build Your Own or Pre-Made

You can build your own support rig, if you like. Head out to your machine shop and have at it. But, most likely, you lack the milling machine, lathe, and precision tools needed to make a nice clean job of it. Don’t worry—you can still assemble your own rig from a dizzying array of components from a variety of  sevenoak available camera rig. For a shoulder rig, in general, you are going to want to assemble a cage, support rods (most likely 15mm LWS), a handgrip of some kind (possibly two—one left, one right), battery attachment method, and a monitor/recorder/EVF mounting method. Now, you really can assemble this all, one piece at a time, picking and choosing to find just the right combination. I find this method to be fun, finding just the right pieces for me. However, you can also acquire a few pre-configured support rigs for your camera.
sevenoak camera  rig SK-R01

  Shoulder support camera rig SK-R01,Compact and lightweight design,Soft foam shoulder pad,Adjustable height,Flexible configuration,Movable baseplate,Detachable handle grip
  Sevenoak SK-R01 camera rig is a highly compact shoulder  support camera rig designed for stabilizing lightweight SLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 10KG. It features with soft foam shoulder pad, adjustable height, flexible configuration, movable baseplate, detachable handle grip etc. Designed with adjustable height and flexible configuration, it can be easily adjusted for different height and left or right shoulder operation and for suiting body types. The detachable handle grip can be used as a stand-alone support for lightweight cameras.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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