Quality Camera Stabilizer gives you professional results for still shots

  Quality Camera Stabilizer for Iphone, Android,made of aluminum ally for wedding,speech,outdoor interview ,family micro film ,studio
  I can't think of what "household" item would make for an effective gimbal, but as long as you can reproduce the gravity centering of this design, you can make it pretty much however you want out of whatever you want.
  The Sevenoak SK-W08 Handheld Stabilization allows shake-free handheld shots, easily and with minimal fatigue. Designed specifically for lightweight mirrorless cameras or compact camcorders up to 1.5 LBS. Mount camera and be ready to shoot in just minutes.

Sevenoak camera stabilizer

  The Sevenoak SK-W08 Handheld Video camera Stabilizer lets you achieve professional results for still shots, panning, moving in and out on subjects and more. Take the step up from hobbyist to professional without the expense. Perfect for outdoor action, long shoots, artistic applications and more.
  The ball joint gimbal design is optimized for smooth function and ease of use; it effectively isolates the rig from user movement, allowing jiggle- and jitter-free shooting. Counterweights are adjustable for precise handling and customized performance. Use the Sevenoak SK-W08 Handheld Video Stabilization System effectively with one hand without tiring, or use two hands for kinetic situations and max control.
  Mini Action camera Stabilizer SK-W08
  Stabilizes camera to minimize camera shake
  • Super-smooth gimbal
  • Adjustable counterbalance weights
  • Bubble level
  • Compatible with Gopro and other action cameras

  • Compatible with smart phones by adding other mounting devices
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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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