How to Balance your camera stabilizer, flycam or Steadicam

  Balance your sevenoak or other camera stabilization easily
  If you've recently picked up a new sevenoak or camera stabilization sled, then you're probably getting ready to use it right now! Just need to make sure it's properly balanced. In this video you will get a tutorial on how to balance a flycam or most types of camera stabilization !

  In this video, we show you how to balance the Aperture Compact DSLR Stabilizer (Sk-series). But most of these techniques can also apply to our bigger Standard Camera Stabilizer.

  Note: When deciding which stabilizer is right for you, make sure to consider the recommended weight limit on each stabilizer. A heavier camera on the Compact stabilizer will result in never being able to balance properly. Likewise, a smaller camera on a heavier stabilizer will result in much headache figuring out how to balance it.

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