Top 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2017

  In many cases, a small invention is a big innovation, and a bland thing can become extraordinary once it is transformed. For many smart phone users, perhaps the fixation of the camera is a problem, especially as more and more users like to use the iPhone for taking photos or videos. However, without a fixed system, the quality of the captured images may be slightly less. Sevenoak camera slider are best for your video
  The sevenoak Camera slider includes a center rail (user selectable slide length) and a hinged mount that secures the camera. There are five different types of fixtures for securing different sizes of handsets and camcorders.

  Camera slider and mobile control system, recently introduced a new generation of sevenoak camera slider and mobile control system. The company claims the new product was designed to make it easier and faster for users to set up equipment, while more advanced motor control systems provide precise sliding, positioning, tilting, tilting and more.

  Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-TXS80
  THE Sevenoak SK-TXS80 is a portable and extendable carbon fiber Camera slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers.It features a belt-drive system driven by anincluded flywheel. The flywheel attaches to the end of the slider, providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked slides, even at slow speeds.It also serves as an inertial dampener that helps your camera stop smoothly for usable tracking shots and push-ins from start to finish of each take.
  Overall Length: 82cm

  Max Load Capacity: 10kg

SEVENOAK professional camera sldier

  Tripod mainly play a stabilizing role in the professional photographer photography on the tripod in no way less than the dependence on the camera, the current market price of tripod from tens to tens of thousands of dollars, the main difference is damping comfort, Bearing and stability and other aspects, not here for a detailed analysis, the main discussion today with you is, in the absence of any mobile aids (rocker, slider, etc.), how to use our hand on the tripod to take a smooth movement Lens.

  Sports camera can render the atmosphere very good, and usually use DSLR to shoot some simple video, especially when fighting alone, all kinds of attachments with no doubt around the increase of the burden, but in some cases do need a few similar small arms Or slider shot out of the lens, this time we can put the portable tripod or monopod come in handy, shooting some unexpected moving pictures.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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