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  In the novice's eyes, the camera rig is just an assistive tool that is not commonly used, and is bulky and heavy. If you go out shooting with a SLR camera, lens, flash, etc., it can be hard work and the camera rig will eventually be Long-term home, become useless. In fact, this is a big mistake, a lot of photos and effects also need camera rig to complete, it is not a photography "aids", but in learning photography is an integral part of the role with the body, the lens, flash The lights are just as important! Now let the author explain what camera rig can do for us, what can be shot!
  Why is it fire? This makes sense. Anyone who shoots a video knows that smooth motion of the lens is significant for the entire project. Different from the color management that go deep into details, professionals need to be able to tell the difference - a cool camera stabilizer that captures the majority of people's attention and thus takes a serious look at the entire video in today's " Video Age, "which means traffic, which means attention, means money! From a production point of view, the expense of buying a camera stabilizer is small, but it really improves the quality of the shots with limited budget. From all angles, it is worth investing.
sevenoak camera rig

  Multifunctional Pocket Camera Rig SK-VH10
  Sevenoak SK-VH10 is a multifunctional flexible and foldable pocket camera rig which aims to stabilize your shooting, and it is designed for use with GoPro, Smartphone and DSLRs. The solid Aluminum construction allows SK-VH10 to support cameras weighing up to 4kg. The flexible tooth-joint design allows it to be folded up to a size that fits in your pocket, and unfolded into a number of different support configurations: a shoulder camera rig, a video handle, a selfie pole or a pistol grip etc. With Multifunctional Pocket camera Rig SK-VH10, you can go anywhere and shoots。

  That camera stabilizer is a new generation of camera rigs does not mean that camera stabilizer replaces camera rig, but that camera stabilizer is like a camera rig, making it a device that all filmmakers and video teams must be familiar with and skillful with. Its simple and easy to learn and camera rig, short learning cycle, without too much expertise and skills.

  And finally, and most importantly, the price range of the camera stabilizer and camera rig is so wide that it can encompass all levels of filmmakers and video shooters.

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