Affordable Pieces of Gear Every Video Camera Rig Needs

  Since it is a desktop camera rig, we first put on the table to see the overall appearance of all-metal camera rig in the desktop is actually rare, which is that many people have been more than looking forward to stability, not because of small and made Particularly light. MT-01 not equipped with quick loading board under the net weight of 405g. The whole edge has been done chamfering, the overall feel good.

  Sevenoak sk-t1 Camera rig biggest bright spot, of course, is not show a solid feel, but the PTZ and ball design, locking is very strong

  Xiaobian Amway thing we have to one thing is to use SLR photography, the best prepared a camera rig, and do not know if you are ready to take a hobby?

  With a camera rig, at night, sports objects and telephoto shooting, will bring you good results, so not prepared friends, can consider to consider, according to their economic situation, choose a suitable camera rig , But with a camera rig, you have to learn the correct use of Caixing, then  for everyone, introduce some of the precautions to use a camera rig to see if you use the camera rig is there any mistake?
sevenoak camera rig sk-t1
The Sevenoak SK-T1 is a light weight and portable aluminum mini tripod (camera rig)designed for use with smartphones, action cameras and DSLRs. It comes with a small ball head, mini tripod and an extension tube. The small ball head makes it convenient for you to mount your device in a right position to take the best shoots. The mini tripod is designed with angle adjustment which enables you to change the angle of the feet easily.

  Avoid the use of the smallest end of the section, some of the camera rig is a lightweight and lightweight selling point, the camera rig at the lowest level of the stent are very fine in the shooting some of the lower height of the plane, some people will ease and feel free to open A leg can be used as a support. When only the most support is used to support the camera, since the finest support is not only slim and lightweight, it can not be used for stable support. To use only one leg, Yes, but please use the coarsest bracket in the highest section.

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