Any advice on camera stabilizer?

  The same is handheld camera stabilizer photography, why others can shoot such a smooth and smooth screen, and you shoot the works but from the perfect and stable effect of this faint distance?
  In fact, not when people walk or exercise, the body will produce more or less varying degrees of shaking. What motivates you to not see these sights from binocular vision is that the brain automatically adjusts the information received by the eye so that you can not feel the jitter that occurs when you exercise.

  Back to the photographer hand-held three-axis camera stabilizer motion shooting, walking bumps the jitter from the hand to the camera stabilizer, even through the camera stabilizer in the gyro signal correction can be offset by most jitter problems, but Walking up and down the jolt will still make a slight ups and downs in the shooting picture offset.
  Sevenoak Camera stabilizer SK-W02
  Sevenoak SK-W02 is a video Camera stabilizer designed specifically to reduce shaking and provide stability on the process of video shooting on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 1KG/2.2lbs.
  Features with aluminum construction, comfort grip handle, super-smooth gimbal and flexible gimbal, built-in spirit level, rubberized camera plate, addable and polished counter-weight, built-in spirit level and rubberized camera mount, this compact hand-held stabilizer becomes the most versatile stabilizer on the worldwide market.
  Supports up to 1KG;
  Comfortable handle grip;
  Super-smooth gimbal;
  Adjustable counter weight;
  Spirit level;
  Lightweight and compact;

So what is a good way to solve this problem? Feng 2 camera stabilizer correct use of posture tips.
  Change the shooting pace
  ① lower center of gravity. Keep the center of gravity slightly lower position, not for low angle of view, but let the hand-held camera stabilizer arm bent naturally, with slightly bent legs so that the overall center of gravity to the waist and below the transfer, to imitate the effect of damping arm, but also reduce Overburdened upper body.
  At the same time, combined with full foot or heel first pose, can effectively alleviate the bumpy pace of the screen up and down beating issue.

  ② small pace forward. Just like the Beijing opera actress, the small pace / small crushing step move forward smoothly and smoothly to achieve the effect of smooth shooting.

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