Best Cheap Camera Slider? - Video Slider Review

  Camera slider in addition to a simple left and right slide can shoot a lot of different lens effects do you know? Today to teach you. How we use the Camera slider in our hands depends entirely on our own creativity, after reading the absolute length of knowledge!
  First tripod used to fix Camera slider, plus a can produce around the camera PTZ tilt angle. You can begin to create a shot it!
  First, moving around is not new, we skip directly
  Second, lock sliding effect
  When we do a regular slide, the main lock in the center of the screen
  Third, push the lens
  Now it's not about moving around, but about moving forward. It's cool to not follow the focus when sliding, but to change it from focus to focus

  Sevenoak Motorized Camera Slider SK-MTS100
  THE Sevenoak SK-MTS100 is a motorized Camera slider designed for creating dynamic video and time lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. It works with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras with the included shutter release cables.

  Sevenoak SK-MTS100 comes with a remote controller which is connected with the motorized slider via Bluetooth. And it also comes with a dedicated Application which can be download from Apple Store and can be used to control the movements and time lapse photos.
sevenoak camera slider

  Fourth, shake and drag method
  Swipe horizontally while adding a horizontal corner, this effect is crazy but very stable
  The Tripod head and Camera slider tilt together, and then adjust the camera up and down the level of sliding can be. Can get the same effect with the rocker it!

  Sixth, go further. Secure the tripod quick release plate to the end of the Camera slider. This will give you a longer rocker arm.

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