Best Uses of a Camera Dolly in Movies

By the end of the year, the company's Pocket series debut, including the world's smallest camera camera slider, handheld support, rails, mobile vehicles and so on. These products are made of polyacetal resin and CNC machine tools, similar in size and shape, like a Swiss army knife, the same fold and put into the pocket. Do not look small, all of the products in this series have 6 pounds (2.7 kg) load capacity, can install most of the SLR cameras and video cameras.

The Sevenoak camera dolly is a palm-sized mobile car with three individually-expandable wheels, each with three joints adjustable to ensure a variety of straight and curvilinear movements. The aluminum inner ring and bearings to ensure the smooth movement.

In order to adapt to the camera slider application, Sevenoak camera dolly must be lightweight in order to meet camera slider bearing. The extension arm uses a special aluminum and carbon fiber material, weighs only 1.8 pounds, and load-bearing up to 7 pounds.

Sevenoak camera dolly

Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03
Sevenoak Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03 is a sturdy and smooth camera table dolly specially designed for your home videos. It features adjustable aluminum rods, scale marks, rubber wheels, 1/4” screw thread and 3/8” screw hole etc. It allows you to mount your camera directly onto this dolly, or use an articulate arm or ball head for shooting at any angle you want. The adjustable aluminum rods and scale marks allow you to track in a straight line or track around an object, and its rubber wheels enable you to shoot quietly and smoothly.
Approx size: 15*20 (W*L)cm
Weight: 0.64 KG
Notice: The color of this item has been changed since 2016.

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