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  I believe when everyone went out shooting have felt too heavy equipment, weight is very hard feeling. However, in order to shoot the ideal work they have to bring complete photographic equipment. So Xiaobian today to share with you a short video, you can teach you how to use a monopod to simulate Camera slider fragments.
  First, the pre-preparation
  First of all, we have to choose a shooting equipment. For the moment, most of the camera-equipped devices such as SLRs, camcorders, sports DVs and mobile phones can meet the needs of our shooting time-lapse photography (some products have a built-in delay function, which is not available, like a mobile phone, App to solve). In short, the choice of shooting equipment is very broad, as long as the external conditions of your device can be achieved by interval shooting, this hard condition can be. Preparation of camera equipment (Camera slider, tripod, camera)

  Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-TXS80
  THE Sevenoak SK-TXS80 is a portable and extendable carbon fiber Camera slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers.It features a belt-drive system driven by anincluded flywheel. The flywheel attaches to the end of the camera slider, providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked slides, even at slow speeds.It also serves as an inertial dampener that helps your camera stop smoothly for usable tracking shots and push-ins from start to finish of each take.
  The sliding plate features a 3/8” screw which is compatible with most tripods heads, besides this, the sliding plate is also built with several extra 1/4” and 3/8” threaded holes which enables to you attach other accessories like LED lights, Microphone or monitor etc. SK-TXS80 is equipped with four angle adjustable legs with height adjustable rubber ball feet which enable you to get the level or canted shot you’re looking for.
camera slider

  Then, is the relevant shooting attachment. If you plan to shoot a fixed delay lens, then you need to prepare a stable tripod, if it is shooting a small range of movement delay, then you may want to prepare a guide rail with timed movement; if you are shooting a wide range Of the movement delay, then you may also need to be prepared according to the situation a few carts ah, ah what the best ruler.
  Second, shooting production
  Nikon D7200 machine can be directly generated within the delay video, you can also use the photo interval shooting, post-synthesis
  After we have these hardware devices ready, we can officially enter the shooting session.
  We can divide the quality evaluation into subjective evaluation and objective evaluation in two ways.

  Subjective evaluation focuses on "assessment", that is, testers by watching the sample of equipment to make good or bad judgments. Testers of the professional background, experience, personal preferences and test the mood, physical condition, etc. will directly affect the evaluation results. Therefore, a subjective evaluation result with a reference value is usually obtained by a large number of reviewers after watching a large number of shot proofs and through statistical analysis.

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