Do you know the real use of the matte box?

DSLR camera lens Matte box classification and purpose

Very often, we see other people's SLR cameras with long lenses, always with a big matte box in front, and it feels like professional, but do you know the real use of the matte box? Let us know now.

Matte box purposes

The matte box (Lens Hood) is a commonly used photography accessory installed in front of a camera lens. It has a variety of materials such as metal, hard plastic, and soft plastic. The name suggests, matte box function is to stop the extra light. The camera lens is composed of multiple lenses. When the sunlight shines into the lens, the light will continue to reflect between the lens and the lens, resulting in ghosting or the feeling of a gray picture. Therefore, the matte box can help improve the image quality .

Matte Box SK-MB1
The Sevenoak SK-MB1 DSLR Matte Box with Top Flags for 15mm Rods from Sevenoak is suitable for use with a wide variety of DSLR cameras and baseplates with 15mm rod system(cameras, baseplates, and rods are not included). It is constructed from high-grade ABS plastic, and the included flag is made from aluminum. It is used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other unexpected light source during shooting.
Sevenoak camera matte box

The benefits of using matte box
In addition to blocking the extra light, the matte box has other benefits:
1. Use matte box to protect the lens, matte box can make the chance of accidental touch and damage the mirror to reduce
2.matte box to avoid the impact of rain and dust lenses
3. The matte box helps to reduce the damage caused by the bump when the camera is accidentally dropped onto the floor.
When do not use matte box

1. When using both a wide-angle lens and built-in flash light, the matte box has the chance of blocking the flash of light and forming a shadow

2. When using a filter that needs to be rotated, such as a CPL, the matte box may prevent the filter from working

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