Get good quality video with camera dolly ?

  Many people are accustomed to taking photos or videos with their smartphones, and now you can still get good quality video with a smartphone mobile camera dolly.
  Sevenoak camera dolly for cameras, SLRs and smartphones, this product makes it easier for your smartphone to capture video. The bracket can be adjusted to any location.
  Sevenoak camera dolly A portable dolly for cameras and smartphones. Can be in any position for static shooting. Wheels are stable, while supporting dynamic photography.
  Sevenoak camera dolly allows you to successfully capture the scene in any plane.
  Comes with four wheels for your smartphone to capture motion video. Wheels can be positioned or curved. Body is a combination of.

  Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03

  Sevenoak Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03 is a sturdy and smooth camera table dolly specially designed for your home videos. It features adjustable aluminum rods, scale marks, rubber wheels, 1/4” screw thread and 3/8” screw hole etc. It allows you to mount your camera directly onto this dolly, or use an articulate arm or ball head for shooting at any angle you want. The adjustable aluminum rods and scale marks allow you to track in a straight line or track around an object, and its rubber wheels enable you to shoot quietly and smoothly.
  Approx size: 15*20 (W*L)cm
  Weight: 0.64 KG
  Notice: The color of this item has been changed since 2016.

Sevenoak camera dolly
A small camera dolly for the camera weighed 3 pounds. Comes complete with smooth fiber guide and included universal smartphone grip. This dolly consists of 24 bars, a platform for the camera and two height-adjustable ends.

  These products help you to take good videos on your smartphone, and you have more expensive options on the market, but not necessarily for everyone.

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