handheld camera stabilizer, camera Slider how to choose the most suitable for you?

  【Rocker, handheld stabilizer, Slider】 a variety of movie shooting tools how to choose?
  Movie shooting tools varied, then in the end how to choose the most suitable for their own shooting tools? Take you back today to understand: Slider, hand-held stabilizer, rocker the three most commonly used movie shooting tools.
  Camera Slider, Camera stabilizer, rocker these things not only look cool, but also take a surprise picture.
  Camera Slider
  Sliders are a collection of many advantages of the product. Most of the current Slider rails are compact and lightweight. It is a good choice for filmmakers who like to stay light. However, the length of the restrictions also means that the shooting limitations. Slider is suitable for horizontal movement or sliding the lens.
  Handheld camera stabilizer
  Handheld stabilizer is a new type of stabilizer. Helps stabilize these handheld lenses while moving the camera or walking. Handheld camera stabilizer, although suitable for shooting the surrounding environment, but there are limitations. If the hand-held stabilizer is controlled by someone, the range of movement is limited. For example, it can not rise to 3m high then slow down, unless the person holding the stabilizer height 3m.

camera jib arm

  Jib arm
  The oldest stable in the festival is the rocker. The most typical use of rocker lens. From the sky to the main camera down from the body, or from the ground up to shoot the development of panoramic scene, rocker height range of shots can be taken depends on its arm length, the combination of rotating camera head and vertical movement makes the arm unique , Shooting a unique effect.

  Movement speed can be controlled, according to the scene tone and movie style. For example, when shooting a romantic or dialogue scene, the camera moves slowly, while shooting action scenes, the speed should be accelerated, or fast and slow to switch back and forth. Rocker arm can also be used with the electric panhead, used to complete a more accurate push and pull screen shots.

  Like the rails and camera stabilizers, the rocker arm is available in a variety of different sizes, but in no case is it compact. Even the size of a mini-rocker arm is much larger than the Slider and stabilizer. In spite of this, using them to shoot good looking stable and overhead lenses is still worth it. If you use the rocker arm longer, the effect of filming even more impressive.
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