How does Handheld DSLR Camera Stabilizer work?

  Play panoramic camera shaking not? Relies on this stabilizer!
  Today, the camera stabilizer on the market has become very cheap, especially for the camera stabilizer, I feel the unprecedented pleasure in the production process! I use the model is a GoPro sports camera, if you are a portable The same applies to my invention of a camera or a cellphone. "
  This is a fun, simple invention, but the stability is good!
  This design is a more streamlined version based on the original version, reducing the number of LEGO bricks used and making the whole system look more portable.
  For camera movement, a stabilizer is the most basic tool no matter how you want to move the camera. But when I came to understand it personally, I found it still had its own limitations. So today we are here to teach you 10 very useful tips, hoping to help everyone.
  Mini Action Camera Stabilizer SK-W08
  Sevenoak Mini Action Stabilizer SK-W08 is a compact, ultra-light Camera stabilizer that uses counterweights and gimbal to help you keep your camera steady when shooting video---eliminating distracting camera movement for moother, more professional-looking movies.
  A super-smooth gimbal and adjustable counterweight help keep the camera balance and stable, and a bubble level is built in to check the camera’s balance. A comfortable padded hand grip minimizes fatigue when shooting with SK-W08.
  Product weight: 0.4 KG
  Size: 23.8*15.8*3.0 cm
  Maximum weight capacity: 0.5 KG
sevenoak camera stabilizer
  For example, this lens, we are moving forward, very smooth. But if we look closely, we will find that the picture beats up and down without locking on this axis, so there will be no perfect straight line. Some people may prefer the screen feel comfortable at random shooting, but if we want to have a more straight sense of the film screen effect, then we must try to tighten the arm, knees bent, small step forward.
If we really want to shoot straight pictures, especially pictures that differ from walking speed, it's helpful to have a bike, a car, a skateboard, and other wheel-like tools. Because, at least as far as I'm concerned, there is no way to stay steady at a slow pace. Instead, a wheelized tool helps keep the pace constant, and the stabilizer relieves the ground cushion.

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