How does viewfinder Used When Taking Photos?

  Electronic viewfinder is the only thing in the digital era. Optical viewfinder has always existed.
  Simply talk about the benefits and shortcomings, we understand.
  Yesterday we talked about a big difference between camera photography and mobile phone photography is that most of the camera is able to use the viewfinder to shoot shooting, both shooting experience or attitude are more professional, which is obsessed by many photographers,  today Talkfinder to those things with you.

  2.5x ViewFinder SK-VF01N
  Sevenoak SK-VF01 is a 2.5x viewfinder designed for most SLR cameras with 3” LCD screens. It features with 2.5x focusable magnification, an optical designed lens, an anti-fog protective cover, an eyecup preventing light leakage, a 40mm diameter diopter etc. It was connected to the camera via a Baseplate using 1/4 screw. SK-VF01 offers an adjustable diopter that enlarges the LCD image by a factor of 2.5.
  Size: 15*9*12 cm
  Product weight: 0.33 KG
sevenoak camera viewfinder

As the name implies, optical viewfinder of course, is the light without electronic processing, you can see through the viewfinder shooting screen, exposure, the viewfinder will not be interrupted, will not make people "eyes a black" sense of alienation or miss the next second screen.
  Electronic viewfinder advantages:
  1, the real WYSIWYG.
  2, large amount of viewfinder information.
  3, dark light viewfinder can see.
  Electronic framing shortcomings:
  1, electricity costs.
  2, sometimes lag. Can not shoot high-speed sports stuff.
  Advantages of optical viewfinder:
  1, without electricity.
  2, see is the real scene.
  Optical viewfinder disadvantages:
  1, it really dark black.
  2, not WYSIWYG.

  So do not look down on white optical electronics, electronic also look down on optics. Nothing but the flowers into the eyes. But for you and your teacher learning this situation, both of you are affirmative enough, do not dislike it.

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