How to Choose The Best DSLR Shoulder Camera Rigs

  Reasons why photographers travel photography with camera rig
  What kind of equipment should I bring while traveling? Those extra lenses, filters, etc. can be taken without weight reduction, but there is an accessory which we think is very important. If it can be taken, this is the camera rig! Then the camera rig What is the use of it? Why should we bring it during the trip? Let us look at what the Camera rig can shoot and what it uses.

  To shoot a beautiful photo of the stars, "large aperture + 15-2 seconds shutter + high ISO" is the standard setting, if you do not have a Camera rig would have to push the ISO to shoot, it will not only reduce the chances of successful shooting, but also the quality Not high.
  In addition to a single photo of the stars, continuous shooting also allows you to shoot a circle of orbit photos, camera stability is a must, so there is no camera rig, these pictures are unable to shoot.
Sevenoak camera rig

  Multifunctional Pocket Camera Rig SK-VH10
  Sevenoak SK-VH10 is a multifunctional flexible and foldable pocket camera rig which aims to stabilize your shooting, and it is designed for use with GoPro, Smartphone and DSLRs. The solid Aluminum construction allows SK-VH10 to support cameras weighing up to 4kg. The flexible tooth-joint design allows it to be folded up to a size that fits in your pocket, and unfolded into a number of different support configurations: a shoulder camera rig, a video handle, a selfie pole or a pistol grip etc. With Multifunctional Pocket camera Rig SK-VH10, you can go anywhere and shoots。
  Need to use a variety of filters such as graded gray or black card, etc., and when the light ISO is not too high, then camera rig can easily solve the shutter problem, and allows you to more easily use other accessories shooting.

  Water is one of my favorite subjects, whether it is the gurgling stream, or the magnificent waterfall, we can use the combination of "camera rig + slow shutter + ND lens" to shoot the dreamy silken water, so that Beautiful photo hundred times. Of course, the slow shutter can also shoot moving clouds, add another flavor to the photo.

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