How to choose a jib arm

Photographers who love shooting birds and wildlife may get caught in the tripod head when choosing a tripod head: can you choose a more stable, cantilever tripod head that does not drift at rest, or choose to move a smoother, more precise tripod head?

Of course, not only are we confronted with this confusion when playing birds, we are confused when using super-telephoto lenses or shooting motion scenes: the super stability of the cantilever tripod head or the smoothness of the hydraulic tripod head Mobile performance?

It may be hard to make a choice between the two, after all, having chosen one of the features will miss the other.

  SK-EBH120 Panaromic Time Lapse Tripod Head
  Sevenoak SK-EBH120 Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head is a portable mechanical panoramic head that provides an ideal solution for creating time-lapse videos or panoramic stills with GoPro/action camera, smart phone and DSLRs around 2kg. It includes a 1/4"-20 camera screw on top and a 3/8” to 1/4"-20 socket at the bottom for a tripod, and it can also be used directly on a tabletop or other flat surface.
  Max load capacity: 2 KG
  Longest rotating time: 2 hours

Photographers in the shooting process will always meet some practical needs and confusion, how to deal with the needs of professional photographers and to develop the most suitable product? And this ability to deal with the most reflects the value of the photographic accessories brand - after a century Gitzo brand has always been excellent product quality and excellent product innovation known to bring countless new experiences and new consumer enjoyment.

   In fact, there are not many jib arm products that are light-weight on the market today, but many are designed for video cameras and even sports cameras and can not be equipped with more high-end cameras. The jib arm is made of carbon fiber, and the basic version weighed only 3.8 pounds (about 1.72 kg), making it ideal for outdoor shooting by small shooting teams and even single-team shooting. You know, a traditional broadcast camera usually weighs more than 6 kg, the former cameraman often need to carry it to climb mountains and wading, compared to the 1.72 kg now jib arm really considered extremely light .

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