How to use the camera Slider

   Camera track also called drawer Slider, hidden Slider. Belongs to a linear ball bearings, mainly used in drawers, furniture, and some need to be smoothly extracted parts. Although more applications inside the furniture, but we have a lot of machine design is also possible to refer to the design of furniture, citing such Slider to improve customer satisfaction. It is load-carrying capacity, the load can be easily dangled and can be retracted to hide their perfect, but the disadvantage is obvious, low accuracy, easy to operate improperly damaged, stuck. . .

  When to use bearing Camera Slider?

  Like a drawer, take a short distance to be suspended, the accuracy is not demanding, because the Slider gap, itself Akira powerful, there will be some droop. To improve these precision, additional auxiliary institutions.

  We see a variety of practical lightweight, able to carry and operate one of the Slider products, but most of them can only carry a video camera or a small camera.

sevenoak camera slider

  If you want to use full-size movie cameras such as Sevenoak camera slider SK-LS120 you still need to rely heavily on the traditional rail car. Even if you do not need a long-range panning lens, you still need to lay at least two straight rails on the ground, padded with wooden wedges, carry the rail car, and then let the push rail brother pushing you for a while. It looks less troublesome, but you need at least two things, a van, and dozens of minutes of setup time. More importantly, the traditional orbital shooting mode is severely limited, many lenses can not be achieved, such as low-angle, large overlooking the scene, shooting a narrow scene.

  The main body of the camera's rail can be fitted with a variety of tripods or light stands, allowing it to shoot from the floor to the ceiling at all levels. In transportation, even the tripod can be directly folded storage at both ends, to the scene directly to start, took less than one minute to put into use.

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