Make a Lightweight Camera Stabilizer Out of sevenoak

Play Stoudemire, the pace of walking, and arm force, as well as the cooperation between the two hands, are very important. Do not want to walk when walking as usual, because then the shoulders will be shaking, shoulder shaking, then you can not even get a good hand held camera stabilizer is also not stable, Big Stanley Kang damping arm, let's single SLR Stoudemire , Then his arm is the shock arm, shoulders do not shake, arm as steady as possible, walk a little arched legs, right hand grip, left hand light support universal shaft bearing a centimeter below, slightly to the pole a little horizontal force, Because many times the body to rotate the shooting, do not hold the pole camera stabilizer itself will not rotate with the body.

Camera stabilizer can adjust itself, and can be adjusted quickly

1. First of all to adjust the balance between breeding and machine, the right hand holding the handle, the left hand to place the camera stabilizer level, and then release the hand, with the end of heavy end drop control in about 2-3 seconds,

2. Then let's adjust the balance before and after the machine, then adjust the left and right balance, adjust the camera stabilizer to the vertical state OK.

  Sevenoak Camera stabilizer SK-W02N
  The SK-W02N is video Camera stabilizer system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 1KG. The SK-W02N features aluminum construction, comfortable handle grip, super-smooth gimbal, polished counter weight, spirit level, rubberized camera mount and thumb stabilizer making the SK-W02N the most affordable full-featured stabilizer on the market.
  Supports up to 1KG
  Comfortable handle grip
  Super-smooth gimbal
  Adjustable counter weight
  Spirit level Lightweight and compact
sevenoak camera stabilizer
Camera stabilizer is good, but the technique is also very important, to use camera stabilizer, or first learn the basic movements. The biggest reason why camera stabilizer has not been so easy to use is us - the user's body.

Tip one: walk carefully, pay attention to your pace

The use of camera stabilizer is very free, you can help us achieve a more stable shooting under any kind of trajectory, but in fact this ability is good and bad.

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