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  Many people have asked me to write about these things about why the camera is moving: why it's used, where it's used, and when it's time to use it. The moving picture is crucial to telling the story. They create a tense atmosphere that impresses the audience, makes the audience laugh, and scares you into horror. I like the camera's movement, but on the premise that it helps tell the story. It is not clever to move to move. Before moving, do you have to understand this scene in depth and then ask yourself if camera movement will make it better at this time, and will it help you reflect the characters' emotions?
  Many people do not understand what is the use of small camera dolly, laymen even think it is a toy for children to play, how to call it a mobile camera dolly, in fact, is probably for shooting, and today we will look at this car camera dolly how to assemble, use and what are the fun accessories to make your shooting more efficient and quality.

  Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03
  Sevenoak Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03 is a sturdy and smooth camera table dolly specially designed for your home videos. It features adjustable aluminum rods, scale marks, rubber wheels, 1/4” screw thread and 3/8” screw hole etc. It allows you to mount your camera directly onto this dolly, or use an articulate arm or ball head for shooting at any angle you want. The adjustable aluminum rods and scale marks allow you to track in a straight line or track around an object, and its rubber wheels enable you to shoot quietly and smoothly.
  Approx size: 15*20 (W*L)cm
  Weight: 0.64 KG
  Notice: The color of this item has been changed since 2016.
sevenoak camera dolly

Camera dolly is a commonly used tool for sports photography, there are four rubber wheels, a matching mobile track, straight track and curved track two.
  Specifications: camera dolly main pallet width: 7cm camera dolly length: 25cm wheel diameter: 50mm camera dolly weight: 550g
  This set of equipment (not counting the stabilizer and camera) is actually composed of three separate parts, electric car, four wheel cart, two magic arms.
  The camera dolly function is equivalent to the electric slide, but the effect Well, a little embarrassed, a picture for a detailed explanation, I found that there is a feature that can be shot at the slowest gear stall time-lapse, however, a little embarrassed, Like a moment in the picture ...

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