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  Although the Camera rig can be very good camera stability, but it is a bit cumbersome. Out of the outside shot, the mood is very important, was a heavy image equipment mood is not good. So today, this article is for everyone to support a few strokes, allowing you to use a Camera rig, even to some extent, to prevent the camera shake caused by the picture blur.
  Looking for a stable camera support point
  1, support law
  Many ways to find the fulcrum, such as fences, roadblocks and other fixed platforms, can be used as a support point. And if you need to adjust the shooting angle, you can use shoulder strap, wallet and other objects up the camera end.
  However, pay attention to the camera after the paddles, whether it can be firmly on the support point, or the camera fell, but not fun at all.
  Another example is the following foreign god, with a broken jeans into bean bags, used as a support is also very good, because it is stable, the friction is large enough - In addition, the Camera rig, you can Hanging in the following play a stabilizing role Oh.
  Of course, we do not have to be a bean bag so much trouble, direct use of the clothes can be carried out ~
  2, anchoring method
  Linked, then, in fact, is to find a place to hang up the camera, like hanging up, such as some fences, trunks, street lamps and other places. Of course, if using a Wi-Fi remote control camera is even better, framing can be more flexible.
Sevenoak camera rig

  Shoulder Support Camera Rig mini SK-VC01
  Sevenoak SK-VC01 is a highly compact and light-weight aluminum shoulder support Camera rig specifically used for small DV, 4/3 cameras and small DSLRs. The shoulder support camera rig SK-VC01 should camera support rigincreases the stability while recording and its light-weight design frees you from fatigue even after long shooting periods. The soft foam pad fits comfortably on your shoulder, and the handle bar can be used as a stand-alone support for your camera.
  Size: 31*12.5*8cm
  Product weight: 0.72KG
  Max load capacity: 5KG
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