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  Automotive industry has always been all kinds of high on the promotional video collection place, the major companies have tried their best to shoot all kinds of highly creative video, Toyota Corolla is brought today a promotional video, after reading you will certainly Exclaimed: it was so cool!
  Speaking of car manufacturers, the first reaction is rich! So do not burn money with a variety of local tyrant equipment how to shoot? We take a look at how much equipment they use:
  Sevenoak Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03 is a sturdy and smooth camera table dolly specially designed for your home videos. It features adjustable aluminum rods, scale marks, rubber wheels, 1/4” screw thread and 3/8” screw hole etc. It allows you to mount your camera directly onto this dolly, or use an articulate arm or ball head for shooting at any angle you want. The adjustable aluminum rods and scale marks allow you to track in a straight line or track around an object, and its rubber wheels enable you to shoot quietly and smoothly.
  Adjustable aluminum rods
  Scale marks
  Rubber wheels
  1/4” screw head and 3/8 screw hole
  Moves quietly and smoothly
  Track in a straight line or around an object

sevenoak camera dolly

This small camera dolly designed for the majority of photography enthusiasts. Simply install your camera or smartphone in this camcorder, and with it, you can get jitter-free photography with it's ease of use.
  Want to make a good car dialogue, but suffer from no complicated equipment? It does not matter, the simple method can be surprisingly effective, that is: shooting from the back seat.
  The example below is a car conversation, we can see that the actors need to look at each other in the performance, so that we can make clear their facial expressions. Obviously, with this method of shooting, the copilot's lens must be more than the driver, because most of the time the driver wants to see the road.

  Similarly, when shooting speed should not be too fast, slowly open, a sense of speed is enough. In addition, to give the actor on the visual reasons, so this talk can not just talk about it, must be profound to have eye contact.

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