What are the camera dolly tips?

  What are the camera dolly tips? Look at the shooting content and shooting venues such as weddings, SLR camera slide too many brands, what exactly SLR camera slider is more suitable?

  Shooting in the film and television programs, moving the lens is actually a valid lens mode, but shooting conditions demanding. Not every shot has the conditions to set the track. The emergence of a small slide to solve this problem, with a small camera slider can be set up SLR, small high-definition, easy to shoot the lens shift. But with a small slide does not mean that you can shoot good looking shots. Have to rely on the lens language. Erection of the slide rail height, King of the selection, shooting angle, slide the speed of movement. To do this, you can shoot a suitable slide lens.

sevenoak camera dolly

  Sevenoak Scaled Camera  Dolly SK-DW03 is a rugged, smooth camera deck designed for your home video. It features adjustable aluminum rods, tick marks, rubber wheels, 1/4 "threads and 3/8" screw holes. It allows you to mount the camera directly on the trolley or use a hinged arm or ball to shoot at any angle you want Adjustable aluminum rod and tick marks allow you to follow a straight line or track of an object, And its rubber wheels enable you to shoot quietly and smoothly.

  Sevenoak sevenoak SLR 5D2 6D DV desktop mobile slide car ultra-quiet video delay shooting;

  Four-wheel mobile camera dolly
  1. Hollow design wheels, diameter 65mm, thickness 2mm, outsourcing shock soft, not only ensure the stability of the screen when shooting, but also reduce the noise generated during the friction process, reducing the noise of video capture interference
  2. Free to set the car traveling direction, straight or around 45 ° adjustment, so that shooting trajectory diversification, either straight, circular and oval shooting
  3. Wheel lock design, to your video shooting orientation
  4. The main pallet carrying precise direction scale, so you always know the shooting angle

  5. With 1/4 and 3/8 screws and screw holes for easy installation of various other video aids, complete functions;

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