What is the best dslr camera slider

  Camera slider, for the film and television industry are familiar, the straight track, a variety of arbitrary combination of curved track for the photographer provides a lot of creative space to be able to shoot like a walk-through lens, smooth with the beat rhythm , But these are generally built on the premise of manual rail, the use of large-scale electric camera slider is only used in large-scale competitions or ceremonies, the electric camera slider is very expensive, this article is lightweight, and suitable for the public Electric camera slider has been designed.

  Camera Sliders are often used in many shooting work, the use of the camera only needs to be installed on the slide, you can ensure that the mobile shooting to maintain the stability of the screen, does not appear when the hand-held screen will be partial bias for a while . The following brief introduction of the slide in the filming role:
  Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD120
  Sevenoak Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD120 series camera sliders are designed to give you the ability to create high-quality videos without over-extending your budget. It futures with heavy-duty Aluminum construction, adjustable feet, 1/4” and 3/8” screw thread, precision bearings etc. It can be used standalone with the included feet whose height can be adjusted easily, or attached directly to tripod(s) with the built-in screw thread. With precision bearings built under the sliding plate, the camera motion is smoother and quieter than ever. The SK-HD120 series camera slider are suitable for amateur cameras, professional cameras as well as for cameras with recording function (such as Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 60D,Canon 500D~550D,Nikon 3100,D7000,Sony A55 etc).
  Size: 120*14*12 cm
  Product weight: 4.3 KG
  Max load capacity: 10KG
sevenoak camera slider

  First of all, according to the law of portrait photography, arc-shaped camera slider is used to solve the problem of small (far smaller) deformation on the large (near) large image of the middle of the linear slide, especially when the enlargement is larger, Become double-shaped, resulting in waste film;

  2. Arc slide can be close-range shooting 1.5 m (nearly) ~ 2.5 m (medium) ~ 5 m (far) to meet the actual human eye close simulation, restore a sense of realism and intimacy without distortion. Straight-line slide can only shoot long-distance (2.5 meters) close only by reducing the travel distance before and after the object to maintain the three-dimensional parallax, so the linear slide regardless of distance, can only produce a sense of hierarchy, but can not produce a sense of reality, This is why the portrait made by the linear slide is like a layer of plane feeling;

  3. Adjustable speed As the studio with a professional digital camera shooting speed, from 1.5 / sec ~ 8 / sec, or even higher, so the slide speed must be adjustable to adapt to the camera's shooting speed, Speed ​​External dial to adjust the speed to adapt to different camera's continuous shooting speed.

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