What is the camera viewfinder?

  What is the camera viewfinder? What is the camera viewfinder, how to use?
  In learning to use the flash on the road, we must have encountered a variety of conditions, this time to sort out the following six common problems, hoping to help the little buddies are learning to learn less detours flash.
  I believe many of my friends, in contact with photography or just contact photography, the flash will be some stereotypes, such as the flash will make people shine shiny, the effect is not good, the light is not natural, so there will be some exclusion of the flash.
  Everyone may have such a misunderstanding of the flash, mostly because of the experience of using the built-in flash of a built-in camera on a regular camera. Indeed, the built-in flash because of the volume and fixed location and other factors, often only as a "emergency" to use, shoot out of the effect is unsatisfactory.
  However, in fact, learn to use some small props, but also improve the shooting effect. However, the main attraction of flash is the "external flash" part, which is often an indispensable device for many people.
sevenoak camera viewfinder

  2.5x ViewFinder SK-VF01N
Sevenoak SK-VF01 is a 2.5x viewfinder designed for most SLR cameras with 3” LCD screens. It features with 2.5x focusable magnification, an optical designed lens, an anti-fog protective cover, an eyecup preventing light leakage, a 40mm diameter diopter etc. It was connected to the camera via a Baseplate using 1/4 screw. SK-VF01 offers an adjustable diopter that enlarges the LCD image by a factor of 2.5.

  This is because the light will gradually diminish as the transmission distance becomes longer, and each flash has a certain range of output. According to the GN value in the specification, the power of this flash in your hand can be consulted.
  Error 4: The viewfinder or lens appears shadow
  Using the Camera Viewfinder is a good habit, but when using long shots, or if the viewfinder is extremely large and the flash is not high enough, the viewfinder or the lens may appear in the shot.

  The quickest way to solve this problem is to change the angle of the flash so the light is not affected by the viewfinder or the lens. If you use the built-in flash, you can not change the light angle, you can only choose to remove the viewfinder. Long shots, then you can slightly longer focal length, so that the camera's shadow will not appear in the screen.
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