What is the use of camera matte box?

Many photographers do not know matte box is what, do not know matte box what is the use, then Xiaobian today to talk about digital SLR photography matte box is what and what is the use!

Common matte box is divided into two types, one is round and there is a petal-shaped, small series is the petal-shaped. The two matte boxes also have different uses. General round matte box in order to install on the fixed-focus lens. The petal shape is the zoom lens, the specific shape we can see the map. We can also remember such a formula: up and down longer, so short (petal-shaped) in the installation of these two matte box, when finished loading and the lens, there will be carbazole heard. When you hear such a voice that is installed correctly. So what is the use of camera matte box?
Sevenoak camera matte box
The Sevenoak SK-MB4 is a professional matte box to offer users a flexible solution for managing light, controling flare, and allowing you to configure your flags and filter stages exactly how you like it. The SK-MB4 is a universal matte box and works with camcorders, film cameras, DSLRs, 35mm lens adapter and more.

Matte Box SK-MB4
Flexible, easy to add on and remove;
Foldable and removable French flag and side wings;
Fits for industry standard 15mm supporting rods;
Universal anti-reflection fabric donut;
High-grade ABS plastic and Aluminum construction;
Adaptable to various lens sizes;
With quick release / add on clamp design;
Compatible with other accessories;
Swing away design allow you to move the matte box away easily;

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