when to use Best Motorized camera dolly

In this era of universal photography, people are no longer content to be able to shoot a single beautiful photo. Many memorable moments in life, using video to record more vivid than a static photo real.

And now micro-single, SLR gradually powerful video capture capabilities, but also for high-quality video creation and lay a solid foundation, many devices have begun to support the upgraded shooting, 4K HD, continuous focus tracking and other more advanced professional features. However, the recorded video relative to a simple photo still has a higher demand, the picture is stable or not will directly affect the effect of the film. Professional video team often rely on camera dolly, jib arm, Stein Nikon such large-scale professional equipment escort for the stability of the screen.

  Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03

  Sevenoak Scaled Camera Dolly SK-DW03 is a sturdy and smooth camera table dolly specially designed for your home videos. It features adjustable aluminum rods, scale marks, rubber wheels, 1/4” screw thread and 3/8” screw hole etc. It allows you to mount your camera directly onto this dolly, or use an articulate arm or ball head for shooting at any angle you want.
  Approx size: 15*20 (W*L)cm
  Weight: 0.64 KG
  Notice: The color of this item has been changed since 2016.

Sevenoak camera dolly

Among them, you can easily complete the delay photography and camera dolly and other functions for the video to create a broader space for your video more creative and blockbuster.

First of all, Motorized camera dolly is not very complicated, I did two hands, respectively, a DC geared motor stepper motor, the former cost is relatively low, the latter is almost the same as the track on the market. Second, there is no track to achieve a wide range of dynamic mobile delay photography, both with the help of a tripod and camera to complete the shooting, but for beginner delay photography is more difficult.



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