When to Use a Camera Rig well

  To take advantage of the camera rig, another important component that can not be ignored - tripod head! Then choose the tripod head? Or choose the ball tripod head? Many people for this problem will simply be summarized as "precise and stable three-dimensional, convenient and quick platform" - not exactly right, not completely wrong. Did you really understand the tripod head compared to the common tripod head? What are the advantages?
  For the tripod head choice, we first look at the stability. In the mainstream market, the most stable tripod head should be a tripod head. The weight devices that reach 8 kg, 10 kg and above are basically three-dimensional tripod head.

  The Sevenoak SK-T1 is a light weight and portable aluminum mini tripod camera rig designed for use with smartphones, action cameras and DSLRs. It comes with a small ball head, mini tripod and an extension tube. The small ball head makes it convenient for you to mount your device in a right position to take the best shoots. The mini tripod is designed with angle adjustment which enables you to change the angle of the feet easily. The best part is the extension tube that makes this mini tripod able to use at different height according to your specific requirement. SK-T1 camera rig can also be used as tripod or as a selfie stick when the feet are folded up.

  The three-dimensional tripod head is a handle that adjusts the pitch direction and the translation direction respectively around two nodes in the cross direction through three handles, and the two directions are adjusted independently without interfering with each other.

  After adjusting the horizontal direction of the camera, we can adjust the tilt of the camera through the upper grip. Through two dynamic photos can be seen, in the choice of direction at the same time, pitch and horizontal adjustment of the two parts is completely independent. The benefits of this design is accurate, get the first position, the level or pitch angle is precisely locked, the use of re-operation to get a more perfect perspective.

  In order to more easily and easily adjust the two grips to unlock, fine Ka still in each grip position intimate prepared with a raised grain skid coating. Whether you are bare hands or wearing gloves, can increase the friction, unlock to reduce the impact of sliding.

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