When to use Motorized camera slider?

For a long time, the concepts of "electronic control" and "portability" seemed to have not always been well integrated in camera-camera products and it was hard to "economize" in price. The sevenoakcamera slider aims to change this phenomenon by using a once-molded aluminum alloy with built-in motor and battery modules that allow users to implement many specialized functions through a dedicated APP.
Most electrically-controlled camera sliders on the market use heavy external units to house motors, controllers, and batteries, while the sevenoak camera dolly places all necessary components in a one-piece housing. Because of the use of a coreless DC motor, the ROV can be extremely quiet at low speeds.

Built-in battery, which helps to further reduce its overall size. But the built-in battery is not replaceable, which may seem like a drawback

Sevenoak Motorized Camera Slider SK-MTS100
THE Sevenoak SK-MTS100 is a motorized Camera slider designed for creating dynamic video and time lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. It works with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras with the included shutter release cables.
sevenoak camera slider
Load track also called Camera slider, hidden camera slider. Belongs to a linear ball bearings, mainly used in drawers, furniture, and some need to be smoothly extracted parts. Although more applications inside the furniture, but we have a lot of machine design is also possible to refer to the furniture design, citing such camera slider improve customer satisfaction. It is load-carrying capacity, the load can be easily dangled and can be retracted to hide their perfect, but the disadvantage is obvious, low accuracy, easy to operate improperly damaged, stuck.

When to use bearing camera slider?
Like a drawer, take a short, long distance
Accuracy is not high, because the camera slider gap big, powerful itself, there will be some droop. To improve these precision, additional auxiliary institutions.

Need to hide the camera slider itself to make it look good.

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