"Will you use a camera rig?

  "Will you use a camera rig?" The person who was asked this question would either get furious, "Are you stupid!" Or dumbfounded, "Am I stupid?"
  Indeed, the camera rig used as if it is particularly simple, almost no technical content, to that one stand flat on the line! Who will not use ah!If you really think so, then you put the camera rig think too easy! Do you know how to play the best performance of the camera rig do you know the taboo with the camera rig is what?

  Sevenoak SK-R01 Shoulder Support Camera  Rig for Canon Nikon Sony Video Cameras

  •   Height-adjustable, multi-purpose shoulder support rig
  •   Detachable hand grip can be used independently
  •   Can be used on left or right shoulder, designed for cameras up to 5.5lbs
  •   Great rig for anyone who needs to do shooting in a guerrilla style with technique in public places

  SEVENOAK SK-R01 shoulder support rig is a highly compact video tool designed for stabilizing lightweight SLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 22lb (10KG). SK-R01 has many features, such as soft foam shoulder pad, adjustable height, flexible configuration, movable camera fixed platform, detachable handle grip and so on.
  What you have to tell today is the proper use of the camera rig tips and some considerations that will allow you to truly and completely use a camera rig.
  "Why is there such a yellow storm title!" In fact, the content of this chapter is very decent, simple and practical: camera rig three legs placed in place of stress.
  If you feel "how well these three feet are, as long as you stand still?" I'm sure you do not use your camera rig regularly.
  Slightly experienced stomp party knows that the best place for the camera rig legs is to point one leg in the direction of the lens and the other two open against you, like this:
  What are the benefits of this location? There are two main ones.
  First, easy to adjust. Adjust the horizontal shooting direction, your body will have to move, the gap between the legs of the camera rig to give you enough room to move the flash Tang, do not accidentally kick the camera rig;
  Second, when overlooking the filming, the lens drooping, center of gravity forward, if the front of the foot with the top, the center of gravity will fall on the feet, stability is high; otherwise, you loosened, the camera rig may have turned over.
  Stretch your neck better than legs
  There are two options for increasing the height of the head. One is to lengthen the three legs so that the legs will extend their legs and the other will directly raise the central axis so that the legs will stretch their necks.
  Solution 1 looks a bit cumbersome, you have to operate three times, each foot are pulled out, have to repeatedly adjust the length to ensure that PTZ level; and the solution step by step, how easy it is.

  However, there is a problem with Option Two: Raising the center axis will cause the center of gravity to shift upward, and the center of gravity will cause a substantial decrease in stability. The greater the magnitude of the increase, the greater the decrease in stability.

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