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  Obscuring the motion elements in the picture is a good way to enhance the time-lapse or dynamic picture. The past, people always think that want to achieve a similar effect will inevitably be inseparable from the camera rig, but with the lens image stabilization technology and body anti-shake technology continues to progress, and now we even in the case of hand-held shooting, you can use the slower Shutter to achieve a similar effect.
  Shutter speed is the key to obfuscating moving objects. The choice of shutter speed depends on the speed of the subject and on the other hand, it depends on how long we can hold the hand with the support of the anti-shake system. Subjects with significant movement during this time frame are taken.
  When shooting you can rely on trees, railings and other objects. Or the camera on the camera bag, walls and other solid surface, to squat posture, kneeling position, can make hand-held photos become more clear. With these tips, with a little practice you can get the best results with a wide-angle lens at shutter speeds of 1/4 second or slower. However, in order to ensure the success rate of shooting, in the case of similar circumstances, it is best to shoot a few more, just in case.
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  In general, the problems encountered by beginners in shooting night scenes are often: blurred photos, noisy or dark picture colors. This is nothing less than the most basic set of photography problems only. By setting the camera correctly, learning some shooting tips can greatly improve night shooting.
  In general, there are two ways to shoot night scenes, one is a fixed camera and the other is a hand-held camera. The most common way to get a clear picture of a photo is with a camera rig. So if you do not have a camera rig, you can only use another method to fix the camera for shooting.

  Many ways to find the fulcrum, such as fences, roadblocks and other fixed platforms, can be used as a support point. And if you need to adjust the shooting angle, you can use shoulder strap, wallet and other objects up the camera end. However, we should pay attention to the camera after the paddles, whether it can be firmly stopped at the support point, or the camera fell, but not fun at all.

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