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The camera rig is almost an essential tool for every photographer, but very few people can use it correctly. Here are five bad habits that often occur when using a tripod, although not necessarily bad consequences right away, But for such a bad habit, we should avoid it and avoid using the equipment first.

Center axis will also increase the tripod center of gravity, so tripod easier to lose balance

You can choose to place books or boxes under each of the three legs to increase the camera's height. If you really want to raise the central axis, you can use a rope tied to the central axis of the hook, the other end of the rope tied to the same weight placed on the ground, such as backpacks. However, it is not recommended that you hang the backpack directly on the hook of the central shaft. We will explain this later on.

Some of the tripods are lightweight and attractive as a selling point. The brackets on the lowest floor of these tripods are very thin. Some people may find it convenient to shoot some lower-height seats and feel free to open a leg for support . Big mistake!

When using only the most trusted stand for camera support, the finest stand quality is not only slim and lightweight, but also fails to provide a stable support for the stand. To use only one leg is OK, but please use the highest of the highest section of the stent.
  Shoulder Support Camera Rig mini SK-VC01
  Sevenoak SK-VC01 is a highly compact and light-weight aluminum shoulder support Camera rig specifically used for small DV, 4/3 cameras and small DSLRs. The shoulder support camera rig SK-VC01 should camera support rigincreases the stability while recording and its light-weight design frees you from fatigue even after long shooting periods. The soft foam pad fits comfortably on your shoulder, and the handle bar can be used as a stand-alone support for your camera.

Do not carry the camera rig on your shoulders

Yes, the stand is quite handsome on the shoulder. But when the camera falls from your shoulders, you have only resentment and anger.

Even if you lock the tripod head more tightly, the camera has a chance to fall out, because the weight of the camera coupled with the lens is too heavy for the tripod head, walking around when the pan may be on the tripod head lock release , And you can not see the actual situation on your shoulders. When the camera really falls, you can only regret it after falling into the ground.

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